Are Yeast Infections Contagious?

If in case you have a yeast vaginal an infection, or your companion does, you may be questioning “are yeast infections contagious?”. The brief reply is sure, however the full reply is a bit more complicate

To begin with, you possibly can’t unfold or catch a yeast vaginal an infection from utilizing a standard bathroom, or from sharing the identical setting; it is not airborne. You possibly can put these inquiries to relaxation proper now.

Yeast infections are contagious, nevertheless, when you might have sexual contact with somebody who’s affected by this drawback. In case your companion has a yeast an infection of the penis or vagina, you possibly can catch it; on the flip facet, for those who’re the sufferer, you can provide it to your companion. Avoiding sexual contact till you are handled for a yeast an infection, or on the very least utilizing a condom throughout sexual activity, will assist forestall the unfold of a contagious an infection.

The signs of a yeast vaginal or penile an infection are fairly apparent, if you realize what you are in search of. Ladies will expertise burning, itching, doable painful urination, and an disagreeable smelling vaginal discharge. Males will discover that they, too, have itching (on the penis), and the pores and skin on the penis may crack or present crimson bumps. If both of you might have these signs, it’s essential get handled. Yeast infections aren’t lethal, however they’re very uncomfortable, and no person needs to undergo with one for lengthy.

If in case you have a yeast vaginal or penile an infection, to keep away from passing it to your companion – and to alleviate the painful signs you undoubtedly have – get an an infection therapy, both over-the-counter or out of your physician, and get it GONE. You don’t need it to change into a continual drawback.

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