Bacterial Vaginal Infection 101 – Learn the Basics

There are different reasons why women suffer from vaginal infection or generally known as bacterial vaginosis (BV). Generally BV occurs because the number of vagina\’s bad bacterium overgrows the good bacterium. A female adult\’s vagina has a natural order of microorganisms. A BV may occur if this balance is disturbed in any way.


Disturbance that might lead to vaginal infection happens with unguarded sexual intercourse. Doing this can upset the vagina\’s biological balance. Prolonged wearing of thong underwear or tight panties can also trigger the infections. That is why sufferers are advised to wear cotton panties so the vaginal area can breathe. Not drying your vagina thoroughly after taking a bath will create a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

If you are guilty to the above-mentioned causes, then you should start to be careful. Suspect that you have BV if you have white-colored secretion from the vagina. It is disgusting, itchy, and rancid especially after sexual intercourse.

Usual Treatments

At first, antibiotic drugs may seem effective for your infection. But the infection might recur. Generally, antibiotics wipe the bad bacteria in your vagina along with the good ones. It won\’t be long before your bacterial vaginal irritation comes back.

You can try other over-the-counter remedies. These can kill the offending organism and so, the infections will be eradicated.

Naturopathic physicians have a substitute approach, though. They want to boost the vaginal immune system, bring back the normal microflora or bacteria in the vagina, and adjust the vaginal acid and eradicate the problem organism. The goal is to make the vaginal tissue healthy and bring back its natural defenses. The trichomonas and the bad bacteria won\’t be able to come back in the vagina and create problems when all these are done.

Natural Treatments

Meanwhile, there are experts who believe that vaginal infection can be naturally cured. Tea tree oil, folic acid, probiotics, and hydrogen peroxide can all be used as remedies. You can also find natural and pure herbs that can remedy the symptoms from your local health food shop. Some of these can be found at your home, too, like garlic, plain yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, and oregano oil among others.

Understanding the issues about vaginal infection like the causes, triggers, and possible cures is surely helpful. See, at least now, you know what to do because you have understood the infection better. However, the information you got here is incomplete. More information is available on the Net. Explore more and you\’ll get more information that might finally help you cure vaginal infection for good.

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