Bacterial Vaginal Infection Treatment Using Natural Methods

Effective bacterial vaginal infection treatment needs an in-depth approach which is sadly different to the approach followed by most doctors who are likely to prescribe antibiotics. Whilst there is no doubt that antibiotics can give symptomatic relief, they are a short term solution which will, more often than not, have you running back for more after a few weeks.

The most common type of bacterial infection in the vagina is bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms of BV include a gray or white watery discharge which has a foul, fishy odor which is usually coupled with some irritation and burning around the delicate vaginal tissues.

The single-dimensional approach offered by antibiotics and over the counter creams and lotions does not provide a permanent solution. To be effective, bacterial vaginal infection treatment requires a multifaceted approach.

Under normal circumstances, the vagina is populated by strains of bacteria. Beneficial bacteria (known as lactobacillus) keeps any overgrowths of harmful strains under control and it is when this delicate balance is upset that the symptoms of BV occur. The reasons for the overgrowth can be many and varied, but some common reasons include smoking, douching, over-washing, using perfumed products on the vagina, a change of sexual partner and having a lowered immune system and using an IUD.

As you might now imagine, killing off the bacterial overgrowth, by use of antibiotics cannot deal with the causes and if they are still present, then the condition will keep on recurring. The only way to ensure successful bacterial vaginal infection treatment is to use a range of strategies which include the following:-

* Killing of harmful bacteria* Replenishing depleted supplies of good bacteria* Rebalancing pH levels in the vagina* Elimination of all possible root causes* Enhancing the immune system

Three simple cures which will get you on the road to recovery are probiotic yogurt, cider vinegar and tea tree oil.

* Try soaking a tampon in live yogurt and leaving it in place for a couple of hours* Add 3 cups of cider vinegar to your bathwater to help rebalance the pH levels* Use tea tree oil pessaries for a couple of weeks as directed. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial substance and will kill off harmful bacteria

Although short, isolated outbreaks are unlikely to cause any problems, if left untreated, bacterial vaginal infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility.

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