Bacterial Vaginitis Home Remedies

Bacterial vaginitis home remedies are a very effective method of dealing with BV rather than resorting to antibiotics. There are very good reasons why this is the case as to understand why, you need to understand a little about the nature of BV.

If you go to the doctor with this condition, you are very likely to leave with antibiotics. However, well over half of all women taking them will have repeated attacks within weeks of finishing the course. The frustration which most women feel often prompts them to consider alternatives and bacterial vaginitis home remedies are a highly effective solution.

The vagina is largely self-cleansing and self-regulating, with the beneficial bacteria keeping control. When the finely tuned balance of bacteria is upset, harmful bacteria grows extremely quickly and overtakes the levels of beneficial bacteria. It is the bad bacteria which is responsible for the symptoms which include a foul, fishy smelling discharge which is usually gray or white in color, together with some itching and soreness of the delicate tissues of the vagina.

The problems with taking antibiotics when compared to using bacterial vaginitis home remedies is that although they can be highly effective bacteria-killers, they cannot distinguish between the different types. This means that they kill off strains of both good and bad bacteria, effectively leaving the vagina devoid of any bacteria. Therefore no defensive mechanism remains and as soon as harmful bacteria returns (as it inevitably will) then it will grow out of control and the whole cycle begins again, bringing repeated attack for most antibiotic-takers.

To restore normality, it is necessary to restore the correct pH level of the vagina and bacterial vaginitis home remedies can be a great way of doing this.

To get you started, you can try the following home remedies, in the knowledge that they are completely safe and will help the move things along in the right direction.

* Live, natural yogurt is rich in beneficial bacteria. Try eating a pot a day. Some women also find it helps to introduce the bacteria directly into the vagina via a soaked tampon

* Never douche and do not over wash as both can upset the natural balance

* Avoid using perfumed soaps and deodorants as these can strip the sensitive tissues of their natural protective lubricants

* The natural antiseptics, Tea Tree Oil and Garlic are both helpful. Try using Tea Tree Oil vaginal pessaries and take a garlic tablet daily

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