Bacterial Vaginosis Statistics – Who is at Risk?

Let’s check out bacterial vaginosis statistics and see simply how prevalent this problem is.


In response to medical sources, roughly 16% of pregnant ladies have BV. Contemplating the modifications that the physique goes via throughout being pregnant, it isn’t unusual for the bacterial or pH degree of the vagina to shift, opening up the door for “unhealthy” micro organism to arrange store.


There does appear to be a hyperlink between ethnicity and BV. Whereas roughly 9% of victims are Caucasian, 16% are Hispanic and 22% are African American. What causes this hyperlink is unknown, however it’s recognized that BV is extra frequent in ladies who attend an STD clinic than in ladies who attend a gynecologist or household physicians.


In ladies of childbearing age, BV is the most typical vaginal an infection. In response to nationwide knowledge, 29% of ladies have points; faculty college students present an infection charges between 5 and 25%, and as much as 61% of sufferers with an STD even have BV.


In america, there are an estimated 7.four MILLION new circumstances of BV every year. Frighteningly, as much as 85% of those circumstances could also be asymptomatic (having no signs). BV accounts for over a billion {dollars} in spending by sufferers to deal with their infections.


It would appear to be little greater than a nuisance, however bacterial vaginosis can result in some fairly critical issues if it is left untreated. One of many essential points that may outcome from an untreated bacterial vaginal an infection is pelvic inflammatory illness. Pelvic inflammatory illness, or PID, can result in infertility.

Power BV also can make it simpler to contract a sexually transmitted illness, as irritated tissues do not perform correctly, and may trigger wound an infection after gynecological surgical procedures. In pregnant ladies, it might contribute to untimely rupture of the membranes, untimely labor, low birthweight infants, and untimely births.

Bacterial vaginosis statistics present that any girl is in danger, although sexually energetic ladies of childbearing age are almost certainly to contract the illness. You probably have any vaginal signs, it is best to head to your physician; bacterial vaginosis is definitely handled, however may cause plenty of points if left to itself.

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