Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms – What Lots of Women Don\’t Know

Too many women are actually not aware of the bacterial vaginosis symptoms, so they don\’t really know if they have this disorder. And some women don\’t experience any such symptoms at all.

Which Symptoms Are We Talking About?

Bad Vaginal Smell

For the women who have vaginosis symptoms, the main or most common one is an unpleasant or fishy vaginal smell. The range in severity of this vaginosis symptom can vary from

– mild, where you hardly can smell anything at all, to- severe, because other people can smell it, even when the patient is wearing clothes.

This bad vaginal odor is not only one of the most common of these symptoms, it\’s also the number one motivator for visiting the doctor.

Vaginal Discharge Change

Change in vaginal discharge is also a common symptom. It is not uncommon to confuse this with yeast infection.

– If there is a yeast infection, the discharge can turn whitish, thick and appear like \’cottage cheese\’.

– Women suffering from bacterial vaginosis will have a vaginal discharge that is thinner and will appear milk-white or grayish. Some patients will feel a mild burning sensation from it. This symptom may be accompanied by the unpleasant fishy odor, or it can occur on its own.

High PH Level

Of all the symptoms of this disorder, the one that is the most definitive indicator of bacterial vaginosis is hard for women to diagnose for themselves. It is a high pH level. It can be difficult to identify because you can\’t do it by sight or feel.

You have two options;

– go to your doctor or- get pH testing strips that will let you know what your vaginal pH level is.

Anything above a 4.2 is considered above normal, and the alkaline environment lets bacterial vaginosis thrive.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should go to your doctor to get a proper diagnosis, and also to rule out any other, more serious but also more rare, medical conditions. Once you have your diagnosis, you can set about treating your symptoms and trying to get rid of the condition for good.

There is a method that has been proven to help women find relief from their bacterial vaginosis symptoms for good, and it can help you as well to cure your bacterial vaginosis for good.

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