Candida Herbal Treatment – Get Rid of Candida the Natural Way!

Fungal infections caused Candida manifests in various ways. The areas affected vary, and as such can be very difficult to cure. Candidiasis is a type of fungal infection that is caused by Candida albicans. It can manifest as oral infections, vaginal or genital infections, bowel disorders, headaches with sinusitis and thrush, white tongue or skin irritations.

In vaginitis (also known as vaginal fungal infections or yeast infections), one may notice a white discharge coupled with redness, irritation and itchiness of the vaginal area. Oral candidiasis may also manifest as a whitish fungal growth on the lips, palate, cheeks or the tongue of the patient. It is usually painless, but it could cause mild discomfort for the patient. This infection may also affect the skin between your toes and fingers. Usually it would start as a frequently moist area in the skin or an abrasion or lesion that produces watery fluids. Other parts of the body may be affected such as the area under the breasts or the skin under the fingernails.

One should be alarmed if one is diagnosed as having systemic candidiasis. This could be secondary to an impaired immune system. In such cases, symptoms are not limited to skin rashes or allergies. Fever and shock are commonly seen in patients who have systemic candidiasis. In addition, low blood pressure tachycardia or increased heart rate and respiratory malfunction may also be noted among such patients.

As you can see, it is very crucial that one attends to the symptoms of Candida as soon as possible. Experts and researchers are now reporting that development of yeast or fungal infections are actually associated with the progression and development of cancer.

There are many treatment plans available, and these are not just limited to commercially sold drugs. Candida herbal treatment is said to be much better than taking commercial drugs. Antibiotics are in fact found to cause yeast infections. This is because antibiotics destroy both the body\’s good and bad microbes. Ointments, creams and other topical solutions may worsen the situation especially if not applied properly on the region affected. Suppositories could sometimes cause much pain for patients and so this could not be that effective as well. The good news is that there are herbal treatment plans available today. Many doctors are even considering prescribing such to their patients especially if the infection was diagnosed very early. Herbal treatments assist in the treatment of fungi while allowing the body to heal on its own.

Shark liver oil is said to be a good Candida herbal treatment. Studies have shown that shark liver oil improves the functioning of the immune system. This should be the focus of any treatment that wishes to rid the patient of Candida. When one has this infection, the immune system is challenged. Therefore, any effort to improve this condition should be taken.

Grapefruit seed extract is similarly found to be very effective. This has natural antifungal substances that increase the pH level of the body making it too acidic for fungal overgrowth.

Garlic can also help solve the problem. Garlic has natural antimicrobial ingredients that make it a good herbal option for the treatment of candidiasis. Results may be observed even just after a few hours after ingestion of garlic. You may choose to crush the garlic or put it in dissolvable capsules to make it easier to swallow.

You have the right to participate in determining the best course of action that you should take to rid yourself of such an illness. Consult with your doctor and ask about these alternative treatments for yeast infections.

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