Candida Yeast Infection Symptoms in Women

The most common form of yeast infection is the vaginal type. This area of a woman\’s body is the perfect spot for yeast to grow out or bounds. It is always very moist and stays warm at a usually regulated tropical temperature. There is healthy population of non-aggressive yeast that naturally resides in every healthy vagina. Body chemistry imbalances and medications like cortisone and antibiotics can easily trigger candida overgrowth.

The following are all the bacterial vaginosis symptoms:

– Burning- Itching- Tenderness- Inflammation- White, lumpy discharge

Discharges that are other colors and consistencies are not a yeast infection. If you have anyone of the following, see a doctor immediately for suspicions of other ailments as stated below.

– Yellow to greenish and foamy discharge. (Symptom of Trich)- Thin white milky discharge with fishy odor. (Symptom of Bacterial Vaginosis)- Bloody discharge. (Symptom of HPV)

Non-infection Vaginosis has similar symptoms to bacterial vaginosis. Spermicides, detergents and fabric softeners, perfumes and feminine sprays are several known causes of this affliction. It can also be caused from not thoroughly rinsing bath soaps from the outer folds of moist skin in the vaginal area. These are temporary irritations that will readily disappear in a few days after the agent causing the irritation is no longer in contact with your skin.

Perfumed tampons, douching and feminine sprays are not healthy intrusions. Healthy, active women have no reason to change the natural scent of their reproductive regions. All of the scented products marketed as needed for freshness and increased femininity are not good for your yeast levels. Massengill makes a fortune off of products you should never use. Its nice to know they now sell a product to correct the yeast infections their sprays and douches induce.

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