Chronic Yeast Infections – Why You Get Frequent Yeast Infections!

Chronic and frequent yeast infections can be a constant nightmare for some women. Almost three out of every four women continue to develop the condition every month despite taking prescribed medication and visiting the doctor frequently.

Many women with chronic yeast infection suffer with severe and persistent itching, a white and clumpy vaginal discharge which has a very slight smell of yeast, irritation and redness of the vagina and a burning sensation. These symptoms are very similar to bacterial vaginosis, a different type vaginal infection, so a proper diagnosis is necessary. Your doctor would take a swab of the vaginal discharge to confirm the infection.

Besides these symptomsmany women with chronic yeast infections also suffer with heartburn and digestive problems, rashes, nasal drainage and headaches to name just a few. There is a cause for chronic and frequent yeast infection; they don\’t develop for no reason. Once this cause is found and treated you can cure it effectively with permanent results. The most likely reasons for developing the infection are: A recent treatment of antibiotics, Diabetes, Birth Control Pills and Women infected with HIV – these are the main risks for frequent yeast infections.

The medication prescribed can include any of the following- Diflucan, Nizoral and Monistat, only alleviates the symptoms it does not treat the underlying issue of the condition (Candida overgrowth) and hence the infection flares up again next month. What happens to many women with chronic and frequent yeast infections is that their body develops resistance to these drugs which makes them ineffective after a couple of months use.

For the best treatment for chronic and frequent yeast infection it\’s important to regain control over the inner immune system and eliminate all symptoms related to Candida overgrowth. It is not a short process and depending on how quickly your body adapts to these changes you may get results in a couple of weeks. The immune system is weakened when there is a high build up of toxins, lack of sleep, low nutritional foods and stress and becomes easily vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Lifestyle changes which include managing stress, proper hygiene and clothing to stop further irritation and dietary changes which are based on reducing sugary foods and refined carbohydrates and increasing the intake of vegetables and fruit will strengthen the immune system to help fight Candida overgrowth. For immediate pain relief to chronic yeast infection symptoms many women have reported success in using natural remedies such as: tea tree oil, natural yogurt, garlic, honey and vinegar which act as antifungal agents and can stop the itching, burning and redness of the vagina.

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