Condom Latex Allergy

Use condoms for secure intercourse, that is the thrill we hear now and again however do we actually know whether or not the condom we use is secure or not. Small quantities of Potent Carcinogen (a cancerous substance) are launched every time condoms are used. We’ve little or no thought if this can be severe furthermore; it’s not a wholesome observe to show the reproductive organs to such most cancers inflicting substances usually. Itching sensation within the organs, pores and skin an infection, blotches, ache within the genital (resulting from dryness of condom) is a number of the frequent grievance individuals have throughout its utilization. There are fairly a big numbers of people who find themselves allergic to condom latex. In case you are lucky sufficient, the delicate allergic reactions will be handled at dwelling whereas in some instances it could be extreme and life-threatening.

Threat issue with condomsThe high quality management assurance i.e. the condom is more likely to break or leak doesn’t primarily be sure that the condom is free from dangerous substances and chemical compounds. As a matter of reality, nobody is aware of what dangers one might face resulting from lengthen use of condoms. It has solely been in the previous few years, the condom use has elevated as a result of worry of sexually transmitted illnesses. Talc is a substance used within the manufacture of latex items which acts as a lubricant in addition to launch the product from the mildew used on the time of producing. Nonetheless, talc as a lubricating substance is dangerous for the physique tissues. The common use of such condom with talc as a lubricating agent blocks the fallopian tube in flip. Though some condom producers nonetheless use talc as a dry lubricant, others use dry lubricants akin to silicone and cornstarch.

Dermatitis (pores and skin allergy) in each women and men is more and more rising downside due to make use of of latex condom. Nonetheless, in case of males dermatitis is quite simple to detect and diagnose however in some way in ladies the remedy will be tougher. A few of the unwanted side effects of latex condoms in ladies are elevated vaginal discharge, a burning sensation within the vagina, and itching within the vulva. Additionally the symptom is just not simply detectable by any laboratory investigations.

Different dangerous unwanted side effects of Condoms

•A couple of males lose their erection after placing on a condom.•There is no such thing as a direct contact between the penis and the vagina.•The lady might miss the delight of heat fluid getting into her physique (necessary to some ladies, to not others).•Friction induced resulting from condom might cut back clitoral stimulation and lack of lubrication throughout intercourse might reduce the pleasure and makes it uncomfortable. •Intercourse could also be much less pleasing because the man should withdraw his penis instantly after ejaculation.

Prevention Condoms can be found in numerous sizes, number of textures and are usually provided with a lubricant coating to facilitate higher penetration and in addition present higher stimulation to the associate. Aside from dangerous latex there are different materials used to make condom like pure rubber, polyurethane, and lambskin. Polyurethane condoms are odorless and are most popular by those that are allergic to latex and people who have a particular inclination for oral intercourse. There are a couple of non rubber and non latex condoms out there available in the market.

Non rubber condoms akin to Fourex Pure Lamb Skins (Schmidt, Sarasota, Florida) and Trojan Pure Lamb Skins are fabricated from processed sheep gut (caecum) are thought of secure. Nonetheless, they could comprise a couple of lubricants that embrace fragrance, preservative (Bronopol) and propylene glycol, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people. These non rubber condoms can forestall transmission of sperm, however the FDA has dominated that they could be ineffective in stopping transmission of HIV.

It’s normally advisable to seek the advice of a medical skilled or a health care provider earlier than utilizing any of the contraceptive strategies out there available in the market.

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