DIY Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy

Bacterial vaginosis can plague a lady’s life. The noticeable fishy odor, the itch, and the burn are all very uncomfortable indicators that may spoil a lady’s each day actions, both at work or at residence. If you happen to suppose that going to a physician is simply too costly or in case you are uncomfortable inserting garlic into your vagina, you may do this bacterial vaginosis residence treatment that we’ll recommend. Keep in mind to get a correct prognosis first earlier than you try this treatment, as BV can mimic STD’s and such. Have a chat together with your physician earlier than making an attempt this residence remedy.

Issues you will want:

oA bottle of three% Hydrogen PeroxideoDouche applicator or syringeoAcidophilus dietary complement with not less than one billion CFU’soAt least 400 mcg of Folic acid dietary supplementoDistilled / refined spring water


1.Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with distilled or spring water separated into equal components. Be sure you add equal quantities of three% hydrogen peroxide to every a part of water.2.Place the combination in a clear syringe or douche bottle and inject into vagina in the direction of the cervix.3.Insert one acidophilus tablet into the vagina nightly and bear in mind to make use of caplets, not capsules for capsules are for oral ingestion.4.Ingest 1 billion CFU’s of acidophilus complement twice per day orally and two 400 mcg of folic acid twice a day.

This needs to be mentioned together with your doctor earlier than try. Proceed this routine for not less than seven days. Do not cease regardless that the signs have subsided for per week. If you’re not sure about this technique, there are extra bacterial vaginosis residence treatment obtainable akin to garlic, tea tree oil and chamomile remedy. You may get a extra environment friendly information obtainable via the web which will provide you with wonderful routines and practices for a bacterial vaginosis residence treatment safely, successfully and quick, largely lower than 5 days with out worrying about negative effects and aggravated infections and irritations.

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