Do You Have a Bacterial Vaginosis Infection?

If you suspect that you have a bacterial vaginosis infection, there is a very large chance that you might very well have one. In fact, it is estimated that somewhere around one in every four women will develop this condition at least once in their lifetime. Even though BV is considered the most common form of vaginal infection, it is important to make sure that is in fact what you have.

The vagina is an area of the female body containing a large amount of bacteria. This bacteria can be divided into two different categories.

1. Good bacteria.2. Bad bacteria.

Normally, the vagina should mostly contain good bacteria with a minimal amount of bad bacterial. If this is not the case, the natural balance becomes upset and BV occurs.

So what exactly are the symptoms of a bacterial vaginosis infection?

Well, the most obvious sign of BV is the infamous \”fishy smell\” of the vagina, which typically becomes even worse after sex. However, other signs include but are not limited to:

* A white or yellow vaginal discharge

* Itching

* Swelling

* Irritation

* Stomach pains

* Severe cramps

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you should immediately seek out some form of treatment. While a BV infection is not generally known to be life threatening, it does have the potential to develop into more serious conditions. There are numerous different options available today ranging from antibiotics, home remedies, herbal treatments, and more.

The most important thing is to find a treatment that is right for you.

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