Do You Have a Vaginal Yeast Infection – How to Tell If You Do

You probably know whether you have a Vaginal Yeast Infection or not. As a woman it is usually very clear when you develop one. Quite frequently though when it happens to you, the memory of the signs and symptoms sometimes get a little vague and uncertain.

I will list the signs of a Vaginal yeast Infection and explain them just a little so that without a doubt you will be able to identify if you have one or not.

    Itching– Not just a passing itch, but, a lasting persistent itch that can drive you crazy. It of course is not a good idea to scratch because this can irritate and spread the infection. Burning– Burning of the vaginal opening. The rubbing of clothing against the area can really increase this. Soreness– Just general soreness and pain with urination and intercourse. (vaginal yeast infection can be passed to sexual partner). Vaginal Discharge-A cheesy, white, cottage cheese like discharge. Swelling -swelling of the vaginal opening and surrounding areas.

At the start of the infection the symptoms will most likely be mild-only to get worse if left untreated. Yes, this can be passed to your sexual partner and if your partner is having symptoms then they should be treated also.

Usually a vaginal yeast infection is not a serious matter, however, if your infections are something that keeps coming back than this can be quite annoying.

It is really easy to be diagnosed for sure if you have any doubts. A trip to your medical doctor will confirm any suspicions. He or she will just take a vaginal scraping and look at it under the microscope.

You have different options as to how to approach your vaginal yeast infection. You can get a prescription for an antibiotic and treat your infection that way. Topical steroids may also be prescribed for any swelling and inflammation.

There are also natural at home remedies that will get rid of your infection and keep it from coming back. For instance rubbing a special oil to the vagina and surrounding area that will actually kill off the bacteria causing the yeast infection.

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