Do You Have Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection – Let\’s Find Out

Not every woman is sure about the Symptoms of a Vaginal Yeast Infection. They can vary in severity and in the number of symptoms she may have.

Not too long ago a dear friend of mine was sitting at my kitchen table and looking truly depressed and defeated. I of course asked her what was wrong and she continued to tell me her long story.

\”It started in my teenage years and has continued till this day (she is now 36). I have yeast infections all the time.\”

\”How do you know?\” I asked.

She went on to say that she had seen her gynecologist when she had constant itching as a teenager. The doctor, had taken a scraping from her vagina and looked at it under a microscope. It was confirmed that it was in fact a yeast infection.

\”I know instantly when I have one now.\” She continued on to list the Symptoms Of a Vaginal Yeast Infection,

First, I get extremely itchy. I would probably prefer pain to the constant itching.

Next, I become very sore. Probably from trying to relieve the itch but I get sore even inside my vagina. My vaginal area inside and out swells and urination and intercourse cause stinging and burning.

Then I also have a \’cheesy white\’ discharge. Not very pleasant to say the least.\”

She went on to tell me that she is usually prescribed an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine for her infection. She said it seemed that as soon as one was over, another one began. She has at least 5 a year. Her husband also develops symptoms after intercourse when she has a yeast infection.

Now because I used to work in a Gynecologist office I know how the treatment of infections with antibiotics can be a \’double edged sword\’. Over time anyone can and will become immune to the medication being prescribed for the infection. This can mean constant recurring vaginal yeast infections with no solution. Look at my friend as an example. She went over 20 years with one infection after another.

As we continued our conversation I told her about some natural, holistic ways that I had come across. Things like changing her diet and dress habits could actually cure her yeast infections and keep them from coming back.

Such simple steps like decreasing sugars and yeasts in her diet. Or eating certain herbs and eating garlic each day has been proven to kill the overgrowth of yeast in a person\’s body. Even something as simple as rubbing cider vinegar on the vaginal area can offer relief from some symptoms immediately.

Imagine something so simple and natural as cider vinegar for symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. Even though most women will experience a yeast infection, She owed it to herself to look into natural ways to get rid of it and keep it from coming back.

Needless to say she left my home more optimistic and ready to tackle these infections \’head on\’!

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