Doctors Warn Against Douching

Girls who routinely douche with female hygiene merchandise usually tend to undergo from pelvic inflammatory illness (PID), yeast infections and cervical most cancers.

This was revealed by Dr. John Renner of the Shopper Well being Info Analysis Institute in “The Girls’s E book of House Cures” who mentioned that routine douching may very well do extra hurt than good.

The market is filled with quite a lot of female hygiene merchandise that promise to “clear” the vagina. These embrace sprays, perfumed soaps and different vaginal deodorants. Nonetheless, medical doctors mentioned these merchandise comprise alcohol and different harsh chemical substances that may dry out and irritate delicate vaginal tissues. Common use of those merchandise can upset the vaginal surroundings and trigger dangerous microorganisms to develop.

“Girls have been advised they need to routinely douche with quite a lot of female hygiene merchandise to ‘clear’ the vagina. The vagina would not want assist in cleaning itself. It does so naturally. All routine douching does is alter the vagina’s pH and encourage yeast infections. It might additionally improve the danger of PID, a doubtlessly lethal an infection of the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes,” warned Renner.

A examine in The Journal of the American Medical Affiliation mentioned ladies who douched three or extra instances per thirty days had been three-and-a-half instances extra more likely to have PID than ladies who douched lower than as soon as a month. Signs of PID embrace fever, chills, decrease stomach ache or again ache, ache throughout or after intercourse, and a pus-like vaginal discharge.

One other examine in The American Journal of Epidemiology confirmed that girls who douched greater than as soon as every week had been practically 5 instances as more likely to develop cervical most cancers as ladies who douched much less usually.

Common douching additionally encourages the expansion of the fungus known as Candida albicans that usually causes a vaginal an infection known as vaginitis or candidiasis. Vaginitis is characterised by an itching and burning sensation and a vaginal discharge that appears like cottage cheese.

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