Easy Home Treatment For Vaginal Itch

Statistics shows that 3 out of 4 women are experiencing vaginal itch. It is a common symptom of yeast infection of the vagina. In this article, two home remedies will be discussed that will hopefully help relieve the pain and itchiness.

Weak immune system due to stress, recent antibiotic use, diabetes and contraceptive pills may cause yeast infection. If you are experiencing pain during intercourse, pain during urination, white discharge, vaginal inflammation, redness and itchiness, then you should know that these are the common signs of yeast infection. Daily activities are affected by the severe itch caused by this infection. That is why immediate treatment is needed.

Home Remedy 1: Application of Tea Tree Oil

A natural antiseptic known as tea tree oil, is very effective in different kinds of bacterial infection. Due to its potency, 100% pure tea tree extract is not advisable. Tea tree oil has a soothing and even relaxing effect when applied. Typically, 20% of the concentration is mixed with another type of oil like jojoba oil. To use this formula, just add a few drops of the solution in a tampon and insert it in the vagina for a few hours daily.

Home Remedy 2: Application of Natural Yogurt

Vaginal itching can be relieved by application of unsweetened natural yogurt. It contains non-harmful bacteria which helps fight against the yeast infection. To apply the yogurt, dip a tampon on the yogurt and place it inside the vagina for an hour. Eating yogurt will also speed up the improvement of the condition and prevent it from recurring.

Research studies have proven that the two home remedies stated above are very effective in curing vaginal yeast infection. Hopefully, the remedies that I have shared will help ease the pain and itchiness, and the pain secondary to yeast infection.

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