Get Rid of a Yeast Infection! – How Treat the Sores on Your Vagina

One thing you want is to get rid of a yeast infection (or Candida as it\’s also called). And as if to add injury to insult, beside the normal burning, itching, smelly discharge and redness, you may find sores on your vaginal labia.

Vaginal sores are not a very common symptom of candida infections, but they do occur. Once you have them though they are a sign of a Candida infection getting out of hand.

Finding sores on their vagina pushes many women into panic, by both the pain and discomfort and the embarrassment. I know how ashamed one can feel about this. Many women do get sores though for a variety of reasons.

Get Rid Of Yeast Infection – Treating The Sores:

It\’s not as hard as one might think to treat the vaginal sores caused by candida infection. Most of the time our first reaction is to rush to the pharmacy to get some over-the-counter treatment, if that doesn\’t do the trick we\’ll go to the doctor and get a prescription, usually for antibiotics, which cause more Candida infections than they cure.

The problem with these is that they only treat the localized symptoms and not the root cause, thus leaving you in a vicious and never-ending cycle of recurrent yeast infections.

The natural way is still the best one and not as harsh as prescription drugs. With the available natural remedies you get to clean the yeast from you body system. You take control of your body by watching your diet and your attire.

Get Rid Of Yeast Infection Eating The Right Foods:

Healthy food will always be the most convenient choice, but there are some specific foods and drinks that\’ll get rid of yeast infection naturally and are tasty too: There\’s unsweetened yogurt as your star fighter against candida infection, closely followed by honey, cranberry juice, vinegar, garlic and many more.

Urinating will probably be painful too if you have vaginal sores from the Candida infection. Drinking cranberry juice will be of great help as an antioxidant. It\’ll reduce the pH of your urine and thus relieves the itchiness and burning.

Get Rid Of Yeast Infection Wearing The Right Clothes:

Did you know that the kinds of materials we wear can contribute to Candida infections? Synthetic underwear and too tight clothes, like jeans for example, are the main culprits. They impede air circulation, which in turn makes your intimate area Candida paradise.

Change your underwear to cotton, combined with good hygiene (no scented products) will help you heal faster and prevent future flare-ups.

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