Have Your Antibiotics Made You Ill?

Doctors now prescribe antibiotics a lot more often than they used to. Although they do what they\’ve been prescribed for, antibiotics also kill a lot more than what they\’re prescribed for. What precautions can someone take after a course of antibiotics?

A course of antibiotics will kill all the bacteria in your body including the friendly bacteria. This friendly bacteria is your first line of defense against any bad bacteria and micro-organisms. Once all the bacteria have been killed they will start to repopulate your digestive tract once the course of antibiotics is finished. This is where problems can start to arise in certain individuals.

Today\’s modern diet is high in refined carbohydrates like sugar and bread. This is the type of diet the Candida yeast likes to feed on, and is why a course of antibiotics plays straight into the hands of this bacteria. As the Candida starts to feed it repopulates your intestines at a faster rate than your friendly bacteria, and becomes stronger during this period.

When the Candida yeast really starts taking over it is allowed to mutate into its fungal form, and this is when symptoms of a yeast infection/candidiasis start to appear. Usually the first sign of a yeast infection is a sore or itchy vagina. Sometimes though this is just one of the noticeable symptoms but their can be things going on inside of you that you don\’t know about.

Candidiasis, the term associated with a yeast infection of the digestive tract can give you symptoms that take longer to appear. This is because the Candida yeast first starts attacking the walls of the intestines, and then toxins and food particles start to enter the bloodstream. After this happens the infection spreads to your internal organs, and you could start experiencing any of the symptoms below…

Muscle painsAching jointsChronic fatigue, especially after eating Gastro Intestinal problems such as: bloating, gas, intestinal cramps, chronic diarrhea, constipation, or heartburn Memory loss, severe mood swings, and feeling mentally \”disturbed\”. Lack of concentrationDepressionRectal itching.Allergies (including both food and airborne) Severe pre-menstrual syndrome Impotence Recurrent fungal infections such as \”jock itch\”, athlete\’s foot, or ringworm Recurrent vaginal or urinary infections Prostatitis A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer, or certain foods Extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, or other odors IrritabilityAcne

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