How to Diagnose If You Had a Yeast Infection From Your Vaginal Discharge

Do you know that your vaginal discharge can help to give a very good diagnosis if you had a yeast infection or not? Now this early sign also means that you should get treatment before the infection get worse.

Your vaginal discharge is commonly white and thick at the beginning and the end of your cycle. Plain and sticky discharge indicating that you are ovulating. And your vaginal discharge will usually dilute and lucid after exercising or any intensive physical activity.

So how and when do you know if you are having a yeast infection from your vaginal discharge? Well, the discharge will be in cottage cheesy like in color (sometimes it may also be green in color) and thick. In addition to that, it will always accompanied by itchiness and foul odor. If you have a sensitive skin, you will most likely develop red spots and rashes around your vaginal as well.

Now, don\’t panic. This are early signs and symptoms of a yeast infection and can be easily treated with natural remedies. The first thing that you will need to do is to ensure cleanness. Make sure that you change your sanitary napkin as often as possible to ensure cleanness.

You must also make sure that your private part is always dry. As the area is naturally warm and moist, it is also a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. Hence, other than the natural lubricant and moist, please make sure that it is dry from other extra moist. (eg) Do not wear tight and synthetic made clothing that prevent good ventilation but capture warmth, causes excessive sweating etc.

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