How to Ease Off HRT

Learning how to ease off HRT may be one of the best things you do. HRT is known to cause bad side effects as well as long term health problems. But the menopause is often too much to bare without help, for some women. They are faced with the unenviable choice of either taking a dangerous drug or to suffer the symptoms of menopause.

There is an alternative. In fact, there are probably many. Here the alternative under discussion is a particularly useful homeopathic medicine called Sepia.

Sepia can stimulate your immune system to balance your hormones, especially if they have been put out of balance by taking synthetic hormones, such as HRT, the pill, IVF and the like.

However, when taking homeopathic medicines, you either need to consult a professional homeopath (you\’ll probably get the best results this way) or you need to know how to select the most appropriate home prescribing medicine.

For this you need to be able to recognise and list all your symptoms of the menopause. This is likely to have changed under the HRT, so you need to remember how they were before you started on it. If you can\’t, then you do need to see a homeopath, rather than try to work out the medicine yourself.

The main symptom of the menopause in Sepia is sudden flushes of heat with weakness and sweat. However, you may have a past history of other signs of hormonal imbalance such as:

a bearing down sensation a tendency to miscarry especially at the fifth to seventh month a prolapsed bladder, uterus or vagina infertility genital herpes and/or warts a vaginal discharge which is white and offensive

These are all strong keynote symptoms of Sepia. So if you can see a pattern, you may find that by taking Sepia 30c once a day eases your hot flushes dramatically.

Don\’t keep taking it after a week, if you have not noticed any change at all. However, look for subtle changes. Those around you may notice these more than you do.

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