How to Eliminate Vaginal Odor Naturally

If you have noticed that you have an unpleasant smell coming from your vagina, the likelihood is that others have noticed too. Although this can be distressing, you can easily learn how to eliminate vaginal odor naturally by using a few simple steps.

* Avoid wearing synthetic panties as this type of material can trap in warmth and moisture which creates the perfect conditions for bacterial growth. Stick to cotton and avoid wearing tight trousers and pantyhose.

* Always ensure that you pay close attention to changing your sanitary protection regularly. This is even important when the flow is light, as sometimes, stale blood can begin to release an unpleasant odor as it is released from the uterus during a period.

* Avoid over-washing. Although you probably feel that you are helping tp eliminate vaginal odor by being hygienic, the truth is that over-washing strips the vaginal are of its natural lubricants, upsetting the natural pH levels. Try to wash no more than twice daily. If you find that discharge is a problem during the day, you can gently wipe the excess away using unperfumed baby wipes,taking care not to rub the delicate tissues.

* Until the condition settles down, wear a thin panty liner which you can change throughout the day. These can absorb a certain amount of discharge and odor.

* If you are in a sexual relationship, try to avoid intimacy whilst the problem is at its worse. Ensure that your partner wears a condom even when things appear to be normal, as sperm can alter the pH levels of the vagina which can, in turn, create a chain of events causing bacteria to grow.

If you find that you have other symptoms as well as the vaginal odor, such as irritation and itching around the vagina, and a discharge which is gray or white in color and a little watery in consistency, it is highly likely that you have a common condition called bacterial vaginosis. Fortunately, it is simple to treat, providing you follow a recommended plan.

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