How to Eliminate Vaginal Odor – Treat Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

If you would like to know how to eliminate vaginal odor, there are various self-help steps which you can take which can help get rid of this embarrassing problem. Under normal circumstances, the secretions produced by the vagina are slightly milky in color and have very little or no smell. The odor certainly should not be unpleasant. If the secretions smell unpleasant and can be described as \”fishy\”, then it is a sign that something is wrong.

The most likely cause of a fishy vaginal smell is a condition called bacterial vaginosis.

The naturally acidic environment of the vagina is caused by the beneficial bacteria which are produced by the body. It keeps itself clean and healthy by producing discharge which keeps the vagina moisturized and maintains the natural balance. When something happens to disrupt the normal conditions, harmful bacteria will grow out of control and the typical symptoms of bacterial vaginosis will appear, which include itching, burning, a white or gray \”thin\” discharge and a foul fishy odor.

For mild cases of vaginal odor, the following measures will be helpful

* Always wear cotton panties. Synthetic material do not allow the area to \”breathe\”* Never douche as this can upset the natural balance within the vagina* Do not use harsh, perfumed products in and around the vaginal area as like douches, these will upset the balance* Avoid overwashing. Twice a day is sufficient and even then, only use unperfumed products* Always change sanitary towels and tampons frequently and avoid using tampons overnight if possible, where they are likely to be left in for longer than normal* Simple panty liners can help absorb small amounts of discharge and thereby mask the smell. Do not be tempted to buy perfumed liners as these can irritate and worsen the condition

For many women who have vaginal odor, the problem just will not seem to go away. Although doctors often prescribe antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis, these are not the best solution and very often make the condition return with a vengeance. The reason is because antibiotics work by killing off both good and bad bacteria naturally present in the vagina and although this might initially get rid of the problem, once the bacteria naturally begins to replenish the vagina, the good bacteria will not be of sufficient quantity or strength to keep control of the bad and the whole cycle begins again.

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