How to Know If You Have a Male Yeast Infection – A Self Examination That Always Works

If I ask 10 men to explain how to know if you have male yeast infection, I will probably get 10 different answers. Basically, that\’s because very few men have been educated about the symptoms of male genital yeast infections, the serious harm that it can cause to your system if left untreated or the cures of a yeast infection. So I\’ll make it simple for you to get the answer.

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

First things first, let\’s look for the physical changes that suggest you have male yeast. In the privacy of your home, examine your genital area. Do you have a rash on the head or shaft of your penis? Also look on your inner thighs and the skin between your thigh and your pubic bone. Is the skin irritated or have a rash. It\’s possible that there may be some blistering.

Now gently squeeze the tip of your penis and watch for a white clumpy discharge. Make sure there are no signs of the discharge on your underwear. Not all men have the discharge but if you do, it is definitely a strong sign that you have an yeast infection. Finally, make note of any unusual odor that is present.

Are you with me? Okay now you want to reflect on any current health conditions that may have triggered a yeast infection. Any health problem that weakens the the immune system is a likely culprit for causing a yeast infection, diabetes and HIV are two of the main conditions that not only cause a yeast infection but can be the reason that it returns over and over again.

What about your medications? Another culprit that many people over look is the use of antibiotics. We all know that a good antibiotic will kill bad bacteria in your system. But we forget that it will also kill good bacteria, causing an imbalance and then the dreaded yeast infection.

Still not sure how to know if you have male yeast infection? Alright, we have two more areas to consider.

Most men won\’t admit it but you guys love chocolate and sweets as much as women do. Of course your sugars are often consumed in foods that are deemed \”normal guy\” stuff like sodas, sugar filled coffees, energy drinks and did you know that many of the so called healthy energy snack bars are filled with sugar? The normal yeast in your system feeds on sugar. Feed it too much and you\’ll have a problem on your hands.

Last but definitely not least is your sex life. If you\’ll pay attention to details, it\’s pretty easy to tell if your partner has a yeast infection. Does she have a discharge or an odor. Is she itching in the area of here genitals? Does she have a white film on her tongue ( this is called thrush and it\’s also a yeast infection)? If you\’re not sure be bold – remember this is your health we\’re talking about- simply ask her if she has one or has recently been treated for one. If she says yes and you had unprotected vaginal or oral sex you may have gotten her infection. Yeast infections are contagious.

So there you have it, the 5 checkpoints that will lead you to the answer to two of your questions- how to know if you have male yeast infection and what are the male yeast infection symptoms. Okay what\’s next. If your checkpoints suggest that you do have male yeast infection, don\’t hesitate to take action. Yeast infections do not disappear on their own.

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