How to Recognize Vaginosis Symptoms – What to Look For to Determine If You Have Bacterial Vaginosis

Wondering if you have BV, in this Article I will teach you how to recognize vaginosis symptoms. It is important to know the various symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis so that you can make an educated diagnosis prior to visiting you family doctor. Let me review for you the 4 main symptoms that one may encounter.

The First symptom that many women notice is a fishy vaginal musty odor. This is one of the primary symptoms and generally the one that causes the most embarrassment. The second primary symptom that is often experienced is a white and greyish vaginal discharge, this discharge is different from the normal discharges that one may experience during their menstrual cycle. These two primary symptoms are often intensified directly after sexual intercourse.

The secondary symptoms are often present but can also be associated with a yeast infection. Redness and itching of the vaginal area are some secondary symptoms that may occur. Other secondary symptoms can include painful urination and painful sexual intercourse. Any or all of these secondary symptoms may occur during a bout of vaginosis.

Above I have reviewed how to recognize the various vaginosis symptoms. Being armed with this knowledge does not mean that you can skip a visit to the doctor; you always want a medical professional to confirm your diagnosis. Once diagnosed by your doctor you have many treatment options, I suggest the most effective treatment path possible, the use of natural home remedies; they are more effective, cost efficient and long lasting.

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