How to Spot Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms


Because many women really don\’t like to talk about problems \”down there\”, there can be a lack of knowledge and understanding of vaginal yeast infection symptoms among women.

The first thing for you to remember is that yeast infection symptoms can also be symptoms of other problems. It\’s very important therefore that, at the first sign of any of the following symptoms, you first seek advice from your doctor.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms

The most obvious physical symptoms are as follows: inflammation of the vagina / vulva, serious itching, bad odor, white / yellow discharge, menstrual pain, pain when urinating, pain when having sex, inability to have sex

These symptoms are what you probably would expect, but there are other yeast infection symptoms which may be present and not obviously anything to do with a vaginal yeast infection.

Some of the most common of these are; headaches, irritability, feeling run-down, depression, fatigue, joint pain/swelling, memory loss, and even difficulty learning.

It\’s also important for you to understand that symptoms can vary not only from person to person, but can vary over time; so that one day you might have one or several of these symptoms and then in a couple of days you may have different symptoms.

Common Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment

The most common treatment for vaginal yeast infection symptoms is the application of creams to the infected area(s). These can be prescribed by your doctor, or, you can get them over-the-counter. Unless the infection is particularly bad, these creams can work pretty well at first.

But they have two downsides:

(1) they treat your symptoms not the root cause of your infection(2) they are drug-based, so that the fungus which causes your infection (Candida Albicans) can build a resistance to the drug.

What this means is that very many women (maybe you are one of them) who suffer from a vaginal yeast infection have recurring infections.

And it isn\’t only the pain and discomfort in the vagina, it\’s also the affect on your sex life and the other symptoms such as depression, fatigue, etc. It really does adversely affect the whole quality of your life.

Alternative Natural Treatment

If mainstream treatments aren\’t working for you then you will need to seek out an alternative which, because it has to be drug-free, means a completely natural solution.

Now you might ask; \”If \’normal\’ treatment doesn\’t work for me how can a completely natural solution?\”

A natural solution does not have the downsides of drug-based treatments and is more able to fight the root cause of your yeast infection. The outcome therefore is that you can get a permanent cure, without the worry of it returning time and again.

Thousands of women around the world have done just that. They have successfully turned to a 100% natural remedy with none of the side effects of mainstream treatments. And they have managed to get their lives back again in the process.

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