How to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis From Home

Bacterial Vaginosis can truly be a debilitating infection. The symptoms of a bacterial infection of the vagina are hard to talk about, so women often must go about finding out how to treat their symptoms on their own.

First, it\’s important to know if the really do have a bacterial infection. For many, Bacterial Vaginosis is a recurring problem, and probably something already diagnosed by a doctor. If you\’ve never been diagnosed, there are some noticeable differences between a bacterial infection and Yeast Infections that you should know.

Bacterial Vaginosis usually causes a foul \”fishy\” odor to emanate from the vagina. Vaginal discharge becomes a thin, whitish/gray. Itchiness and soreness, especially during or after sex, often results.

Yeast Infections don\’t cause the fishy odor that a bacterial infection does. Instead, you might get a whiff of a \”yeasty\” smell. Discharge caused by a yeast infection is thick, white, and almost cheesy. Itchiness is also a major symptom, though not in all women.

If you want to clear your symptoms caused by a bacterial infection, you need to start by eating and drinking healthily. Your body needs to be supplied with essential vitamins and minerals; without the proper nutrients, your immune system will have a hard time fighting off the infection.

Eating yogurts with probiotic cultures is also recommended. Bacterial infections of the vagina are caused by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria that reproduce unchecked by populations of naturally-occuring, harmless bacteria. It is important to reintroduce these harmless bacteria into your system.

If you\’re having sex, use a condom every time. Condom use has not only been proven to ease the severity of bacterial infections, but has also been proven to prevent future infections in most women.

If you\’re having a hard time with your symptoms, visit a doctor!

Keep in mind, prevention is paramount! If you can live healthily, you may be able to avoid these unpleasant symptoms in the future!

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