How to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally Using Home Remedies

The truth that there may be quite a few causes of BV could make typical therapy tough. Certainly, addressing your individual root trigger is the true key to a profitable remedy and for this reason antibiotics and over-the-counter lotions simply can’t go that far.

There are numerous very economical residence cures which can be utilized to deal with bacterial vaginosis naturally. Used accurately, they’ll handle lots of the frequent root causes, though it’s important that you simply take a superb take a look at your life-style to see what your individual set off factors are.

Three wonderful residence cures for BV are probiotics, tea tree oil and cider vinegar. All can be utilized to good impact to handle among the underlying issues which BV causes. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there may be an imbalance of the naturally occurring micro organism which usually lives with out downside within the vagina. When the pH ranges of the vagina are upset, dangerous micro organism will shortly develop and the signs of BV might be current, which embrace a foul, fishy smelling discharge which might be watery and grey/white, and an intense itching or burning sensation affecting the fragile tissues of the vaginal space.


Probiotics are present in stay pure yogurt and are wealthy in stay micro organism. Many different practitioners advocate consuming a few pots a day and while that is nice for general well being, to have a helpful impact on the vagina, it must be straight launched and the easiest way to do that is to soak a tampon within the yogurt and depart in place for an hour or two.

Tea Tree Oil

This very highly effective pure antibacterial substance could be very light on the physique and can be utilized to kill dangerous vaginal micro organism to nice impact. Nevertheless, it must be well-diluted and including round 10-12 drops to a shallow bathtub needs to be enough.

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar is light, get mildly acidic and will help restore the pH stage of a wholesome vagina. Add 2-Three cupfuls to a shallow bathtub and this may enhance the state of affairs enormously.

You’ll be able to deal with bacterial vaginosis naturally utilizing any or the entire above therapies. Nevertheless, there isn’t any doubt that they’re far more practical should you uncover what your individual private BV triggers are.

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