Is The Smell In My Vagina Anything To Do With A Yeast Infection?

If there were foul odor from your vagina, and you left it unattended, it will lead to the common ailment of a yeast infection. The bad news about the infection is that, once you had it, it will most likely come back, even if it was gone.

At the beginning, you will feel itchy, having some slight burning sensation and be frequented of white yellowish discharge. As the yeast progresses, all these symptoms will be intensified. If this was your first yeast infection and had just started, here are some steps that you can take without the use of drugs and creams. Note that no drugs and cream can be as effective as natural remedies as drugs and creams only deal with the symptoms of the infection and not the root causes.

Ensure proper hygiene and keep your vagina dry. A moist condition is perfect for bacteria and fungus growth. And it is the mutation of these bacteria and fungus that causes the unbearable smell.Avoid wearing tight panties and clothing and those made of synthetic materials. Not having good air circulation also means you\’ll have excessive sweating on those parts. Take note that sweats consist of waste products from the body that are perfect for bacteria and fungus growth.If you are suffering from excessive sweating by nature, then try wearing sweat pads will also help. And do change it if it was wet.During menstruation, do make sure that you change your sanitary napkins as often as possible to keep your private part dry and clean.Remember not to leave your private part wet after shower. Always wipe away excess water and leave it aired before putting on your clothing.

Following these measures can keep you away from yeast infection. However, if you already had one, make sure that you treat it early as untreated yeast infection can lead to lethal ailments.

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