Is Your Vaginal Infection Bacterial Vaginitis or Something Else?

Bacterial vaginitis is a general term that simply means an inflammation of the vagina. This inflammation can come from a number of sources where bacteria is the main cause. Many women will suffer from bacterial vaginitis at least once in their lifetimes. Keep reading to discover more information about the different types of bacterial vaginitis.

The three most common causes of bacterial vaginitis are bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and yeast infection. But these are not the only sources of bacterial vaginitis. Sexually transmitted diseases can be a source, also. But for this article, we will be discussing the three most common causes of vaginitis.

Bacterial vaginosis is simply an infection of the vagina that is usually caused by the bacteria gardnerella vaginalis. The exact reason women contract bacterial vaginosis is not completely understood, but some researchers have discovered that having multiple sex partners can contribute to this type of infection. Excessive douching and the prolonged use of an IUD will cause bacterial vaginosis in some women. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are much the same as the symptoms of a yeast infection. The big difference is the discharge. This discharge will be thin and sometimes can have a white or grayish color. The discharge will also have a \”fishy\” odor. Bacterial vaginosis can only be cured by prescription medication, and many women will delay treatment because they mistake this infection for a yeast infection and will try to treat it with over-the-counter yeast infection remedies.

Trichomoniasis is another cause of bacterial vaginitis. This is an infection caused by a small parasite that thrives in the urethra or vaginal canal. Trichomoniasis is most generally contracted through sexual contact. It, too, can cause severe vaginal itching and burning. The discharge may be heavy and yellow-green or gray in color. It will definitely have a strong fishy odor. If infected with trichomoniasis, you may experience pain during intercourse and it may be painful to urinate. The only way to cure trichomoniasis is to get a prescription for an antibiotic from your doctor.

A yeast infection is a very common form of bacterial vaginitis. It can cause intense itching and burning of the vaginal area. Painful urination is also a symptom of bacterial vaginitis along with a thick, white, cottage cheese-looking discharge. There is typically very little odor associated with a yeast infection. A yeast infection can be easily cured by using over-the-counter creams or home remedies.

Bacterial vaginitis may be painful, but in most cases it is easily curable with the right medications. If you are not sure of the source of your vaginitis, visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Any type of infection in the vagina should never be left untreated because of the risk of it moving up into the uterus and fallopian tubes and causing permanent damage.

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