Learn About the Side Effects of Cervical Cancer Treatment

As soon as therapy has concluded, relying on the kind of therapy and the stage that the cervical most cancers was in, you’ll more than likely really feel some negative effects. Listed below are a couple of, primarily based on the three most typical remedies: surgical procedure, radiation remedy and chemotherapy.

Surgical procedure:

It takes time to heal after surgical procedure, and the restoration time is totally different for every girl. Chances are you’ll be uncomfortable for the primary few days. Nonetheless, medication can normally management the ache. Earlier than surgical procedure, it’s best to focus on the plan for ache aid along with your physician or nurse. After surgical procedure, your physician can regulate the plan in case you want extra ache aid.

In case you have surgical procedure to take away a small tumor on the floor of the cervix, you will have cramping or different ache, bleeding, or a watery discharge.

In case you have a hysterectomy, the size of the hospital keep could differ from a number of days to every week. You may additionally expertise scorching flashes and menopause happens instantly.

It is not uncommon to really feel drained or weak for some time, you might also have bladder and bowel issues. The physician could limit your food plan to liquids at first, with a gradual return to strong meals. Most ladies return to their regular actions inside four to eight weeks after surgical procedure.

Radiation remedy:

Unwanted effects rely primarily on the dose of radiation and the a part of your physique that’s handled. Radiation to the stomach and pelvis could trigger nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or urinary issues. Chances are you’ll lose hair in your genital space. Additionally, your pores and skin within the handled space could turn out to be purple, dry, and tender.

You’ll have dryness, itching, or burning in your vagina. The radiation may additionally make your vagina narrower.

Though the negative effects of radiation remedy may be distressing, your physician can normally discover methods to alleviate them.


The negative effects of chemotherapy rely primarily on the precise medicine and the dose. The medicine have an effect on most cancers cells and different cells that divide quickly:

Chemotherapy could cause a poor urge for food, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, or mouth and lip sores. Chemotherapy could cause you to lose your hair. The hair will develop again, however it could be considerably totally different in colour and texture.

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