Natural Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis – Treat BV Naturally

Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis can work very effectively. Indeed it has been shown that they are a better option than antibiotics. Bacterial vaginosis is a condition whereby the natural balance of the vagina is upset. Although many people believe that bacterial vaginosis is a sexually transmitted disease, this is not the case-indeed often it is difficult to pinpoint a cause. However, common trigger factors include over-washing, the use of perfumed products in the vaginal area, douching, a change of sexual partner and even a change in the tyoe if detergent used for washing underclothes.

The vagina normally contains a balance of both good and bad bacteria. Under normal circumstances, the good bacteria produces a substance which controls the levels of bad bacteria. When the balance is upset, the bad bacteria grows out of control and the typical symptoms of bacterial vagnosis, such as itching, burning,a gray/white thin discharge and a very offensive fishy smell.

Antibiotics will kill off all bacteria within the vagina, including the beneficial bacteria. This means that when the treatment is over and bacteria naturally begins to repopulate the vagina, there will not be sufficient good bacteria to keep control of the bad.

This is precisely why over 70% of women who take antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis will have at least one repeat attack within a few weeks

On the other hand, natural cures for bacterial vaginosis work by strengthening and enhancing the body\’s own resources ensuring that any overgrowth of harmful bacteria simply cannot survive. There is a misapprehension that natural cures are somehow not as powerful as drug treatment but this is certainly not the case. Antibiotics begin to work within 3-5 days whereas there are some extremely effective natural treatments which guarantee a complete cure within 3 days and offer immediate relief from the symptoms. In addition, some treatments will guarantee that by using the correct strategies you can ensure that you never suffer from the condition again.

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