Ovulation Calculator – Top Ten Conception Tips

In order to conceive, you have to be in the ovulation phase. Ovulation is the process in which a mature egg is released from your ovary and moves down the fallopian tubes. If this egg meets a sperm, conception takes place or else it is just flushed out. While an egg can live for only 12-24 hours, the sperm can live for even 72 or more hours inside the female body.

There are many dos and don\’ts that will help you to conceive. I have listed below the top ten conception tips:

1) Understand your body:

When you are planning your pregnancy, you need to have a clear idea of how your body works. How many days your menstrual cycle lasts? What is the frequency? Do you have regular periods?

2) Have a count of your ovulation dates:

Know your ovulation dates through calculations or from websites like babycenter.com and list it at some place where you can see it everyday so that you don\’t lose count of the same.

3) Check your basal body temperature:

Check your basal body temperature and know when is the right time to have sex to conceive.

4) Check your cervical mucus:

When you notice a white vaginal discharge, it indicates ovulation and it is the best time for sex and conception.

5) Follow the right sexual position:

The normal missionary position, i.e. man-on-top works with gravity and helps semen flow as deep as possible.

6) Have a healthy and balanced diet:

A healthy and balanced diet with adequate intake of iron, folic acid and calcium can help you get pregnant.

7) Do regular exercise:

Regular exercise makes sure you are not obese and obesity makes it difficult to get pregnant.

8) Avoid smoking:

Smoking should be avoided by both the father and the mother. Smoking reduces sperm count and sperm quality and reduces the chances of pregnancy.

9) Avoid lubricants:

Lubricants like KY Jelly and others have certain spermicides and should be avoided when you have sex to conceive.

10) Don\’t make sex a chore:

Do not make sex a chore just because you want to get pregnant. Have fun, enjoy yourself, introduce variety, get sizzling lingerie, play toys and what not to make sure each sex session is loads of fun. This has much more potential in getting you pregnant than anything else.

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