Proper Feminine Care

Feminine or Vaginal care is very important for all women, especially from the moment they reach the menstruating age. Proper feminine hygiene helps in protecting young ladies and aged women from any risk of infection, which may be represented by itching, redness, and irritation. The usual feminine care products advised by doctors come in the form of feminine wash, douches, feminine wipes, feminine sprays, and vaginal crèmes. But in earlier times, when women were still lacking in education about proper feminine hygiene, they make use of regular soaps which claims to be the best anti-bacterial soap for the whole body. Yes, it may be true that anti-bacterial soaps are effective germs and bacteria busters but it doesn\’t apply to your sensitive area, which is the vagina.

Products used for the care of the vagina are entirely different from the ones used for the body. It is primarily because of the difference of the ph level of the vagina as compared to the skin. The vagina is very sensitive. It is even safer to use only soap for cleansing instead of soap and water because it disrupts the ph balance of the vagina, making it vulnerable to infection and other illnesses in the area. And so, it is advisable for women to use specialized vaginal care products that maintains the ph balance of the vagina and at the same time makes you feel clean and fresh. Regular washing of your vagina must be observed twice everyday, which means once in the morning, and another one before bedtime.

And during your menstrual period, it is best that you would wash up more frequently. And to avoid itching and bad odor, change your napkins at least every two to three hours. Do not wait for your pads to be full before changing as it lengthens the vagina\’s exposure to infection and bad odor. And when your menstruation is already slowly lessening at around the fourth to sixth day, it is better that you use panty liners. There is the common notion that panty liners are harmful to the ph balance of the vagina, which is partly true and partly false. It is because panty liners are not harmful in itself. And to avoid the risk of incurring irritations in your vagina, change your liners just as often you change your napkins. Also, it is best if you use liners and napkins that have no scent because the scent may have been produced by placing certain chemicals to the pads which may irritate your vagina.

Be mindful as well whenever you urinate. As you know, the vagina gets wet as you urinate. And the wrong way of wiping the urine leftovers from your vagina may cause vaginal infections and urinary tract infection. And so, the best and correct way to wipe it is by using feminine wipes or the soft, smooth, and unscented tissues. Do not wipe it towards the vagina. It is best if you will just dub the wet parts gently. The fluids will be absorbed by the wipes or tissues that you use. Once you wipe it off with a wet tissue, follow it up with a clean and dry tissue or better yet a soft cloth.

Do not let your vagina get wet and unclean especially after urinating and defecating. Wet areas are very prone to infection such as Candidiasis and Yeast Infection, which is remarked as an illness where there is a vaginal discharge of yellowish color with fish smelling odor. It also creates itchy feeling in the vaginal area. This is just one of the many possible infections your vagina may get with improper hygiene.

Also, a regular check up with your OB-GYNE will help you in the proper care of your reproductive health. A woman must start her check up with the OB-GYNE especially after her first sexual experience and if she is in contact with multiple sex partners. This is necessary to help you know what you must do and not do relative to your sex life.

And one of the most important procedures that a woman must have yearly is a pap smear wherein the doctor will insert a speculum thru the vagina to have a wider and clearer view of the cervix. And then, the doctor will scrape some tissue samples from the vagina which will be tested for any infection or diseases. And among the prevalent diseases in all countries at present are sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS; and cervical cancer which is caused by the human papilloma virus or (HPV).

And with man\’s awareness and intelligence, a vaccine for cervical cancer is already being given to women starting the age of 9 up to 50. Being aware of your own body\’s needs can aid you for a better life. And for women, vaginal care is of greatest importance because it involves one of their weakest and vulnerable points in their health as a woman and as a mother. The simple self-awareness may eventually lead to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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