Reducing Vaginal Odor – 4 Steps to Freshness

Throughout the life, a woman normally experiences a regular and ordinary odor from the vagina which isn\’t harmful and can be resolved very easily. But if at all the smell turns into foul or fishy, it is likely to be an infection caused. It is obvious that you do not want yourself to undergo any such infections or feel embarrassed due to the odor that might be coming from your vagina!

At this point of time, you just need one thing that is a solution to overcome the infection and get rid of the bad odor. There are ways that can be used to avoid such odor and a step towards freshness. And the key point is once you get rid of this odor, you need to be careful enough to avoid acquiring it again.

The steps vary from person to person, but when you consider 4 basic steps towards freshness and reducing the vaginal odor are;

Hygiene is and would always be the first priority. You need to keep yourself clean that also includes wearing clean undergarments. Having a bath daily and often cleaning the vaginal area with Luke warm water helps keeping the vaginal odor out of focus. Here, you need to avoid using soaps which are perfumed or any agent that can easily make your skin itchy and hence give odor.

Another home remedy, which would not cost you much, is vinegar. You just need to mix 1 cup of vinegar with your bathing water. Vinegar acts as a disinfectant, and hence it helps in reducing the discharge as well as the fishy odor which is often the reason of your worries.

The home remedy even includes usage of garlic or clove which can act as a medicine and if inserted in the vagina, it helps in cutting down the smell. As they are the natural substances, they are not harmful and very mild they can also be used in your food. Consumption of garlic helps in reducing the odor of the vagina as a long term treatment.

Another way is applying yogurt or cornstarch to the vagina, as both are neutralizers. Being natural products, they kill the infections causing the bad odor. Application for just 20 minutes can give you freshness in your vagina.

In this way you can get relief from the daily embarrassment of the odor that keeps prevailing in your vagina. Briefly if considered, a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet and hygiene if maintained you do not have to worry about any such kind of smells. And even if you suffer from any kind of smelly discharge or bad odor, the tips provided can do wonders!

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