Relief For Vaginal Yeast Infection Using Yogurt!

If you have been trying to find a treatment that gives you instant relief for vaginal yeast infection, yogurt is an excellent natural therapy treatment that treats vaginal bacterial infections and can also prevent them. First I want to emphasize the importance of a proper medical diagnosis, incorrect self-diagnosis often drives many women to use over the counter antifungal creams and pessaries which can further irritate the infection and prolong the recovery period. Before you begin any treatment it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Women that seek relief for vaginal yeast infection suffer with:

– Persistent itching and irritation of the vagina- A thick white vaginal discharge which has a slight scent of yeast- Redness of the vulva and vagina- A burning sensation when urinating and pain during sexual intercourse.

If you\’ve been previously diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection and have recurrent symptoms yogurt is an excellent natural therapeutic treatment that will give you relief for vaginal itching and pain.


Many women have reported success at treating fungal infections by ingesting yogurt that contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a type of friendly bacteria. Check the label before you purchase it and make sure is states \”contains live cultures\” or similar to this and that it contains no sugar.

For pain relief for vaginal yeast infection, you can orally ingest yogurt or apply it directly to the vagina as a topical cream or inserted using a tampon. There are no known side effects when applied directly to the vagina. Without the normal lactobacillus bacteria in the vagina, yeast cells can take over and grow out of control.

Used daily combining both applications will provide you with much needed pain relief. Eating natural yogurt daily is also an excellent way to prevent vaginal bacterial infections from recurring.Now pay close attention to this:

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