Signs of Yeast Infections and Effective Candida Yeast Infection Treatment!

What are the signs of Yeast Infection?

A fungal infection arises when there is an overgrowth in Candida. They affect men, women and children. Some of the signs of yeast infection are very similar to other infections such as bacterial vaginosis so a proper medical diagnosis is necessary to have.

Signs of Yeast Infections in Women can vary from woman to woman. Women are more prone to Candida overgrowth especially during pregnancy and just days before menstruation.

But the main signs of Candida infection are:

– A white curd like vaginal discharge which is odourless

– Persistent to severe vaginal itching

– Swelling and redness of the vagina

– Pain when urinating

– Pain during sexual intercourse.

Older women can also develop Candida infections just underneath the breasts or between the thighs.

Yeast Infection in Men

Men who have sexual intercourse with a female partner who has a Candida infection can also develop it. Also men who have diabetes or who are uncircumcised are also likely to develop penile yeast infection. Some of the signs of Candida infection in men are: Burning, rash and itching.

Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush is also a common yeast-infection in people of all ages including babies. Some of the first signs of thrush include: painful white spots in the mouth or in the tongue.

Causes of Yeast Infection

Candida overgrowth is the cause of this fungal infection. There are a number of factors contributing to Candida overgrowth. Some of the main reasons are:

– Regular Use of Antibiotics

– A weak immune system (possibly for a serious health treatment such as chemotherapy)

– Birth control pills

– Steroids

– A diet which lacks in nutrition

– Stress

– People who have diabetes

Yeast Infection Treatment

The fungal infection should be treated as soon as the first signs are detected. However a treatment is only effective if it finds out what caused Candida to overgrow and addressing this problem. If the cause is not found nor treated, then whatever your choice of antibiotics or creams is, the infection will flare up again.

Conventional treatment include over the counter creams, lotions and suppositories. Some of the more popular choices are: Monistat, Diflucan and Vagistat.

The most effective Candida infection treatment that works at curing the root cause of Candida overgrowth is a natural and holistic treatment which is based on dietary and lifestyle changes and using herbal remedies for the immediate relief to the symptoms of the infection.

Yeast Infection Prevention

They say prevention is the best cure! By making a few changes in our habits we can prevent the infection from occurring. Keep clean and dry at all times. Use unscented soap when showering. Always choose to wear cotton underwear and avoid tight clothing for proper breathing. During menstruation change tampons and pads frequently and avoid using scented tampons.

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