Symptoms of Yeast Infection – Suffer From Yeast Infection No More

The symptoms of yeast infection caused by the fungus, Candida albicans, can range from unpleasant and uncomfortable to downright painful. Preventing infection can be tricky because the fungus is normally present on human skin, mainly in areas that are moist and warm. Your immune system will usually control the Candida, but sometimes the fungus multiplies to levels that cause a yeast infection. The three main signs of a yeast infection are:

1) Severe itching in and around the vaginal area This itching might not be present all of the times, but when it does occur it can become unbearable. In fact, the itching can become so severe that it becomes difficult to walk. The itching might be accompanied by pain and burning during urination.

2) Redness and irritation around the Vaginal area This redness is usually contained around the vulva and can make sexual intercourse very painful. Sometimes this redness will occur around the mouth. Yeast infections affect warm, moist areas of the body and oral Candida infections are common.

3) Thick white discharge Some infected women, about 20%, experience a thick, white discharge that resembles cottage cheese. This discharge may have an odor that smells like bread or beer. Remember, yeast is used in the baking of bread and the brewing of beer and it\’s the yeast that gives each of those its distinctive odor. The white discharge may range from thick and clumpy to fairly thin and clear.

If you have a Candida infection you may experience symptoms that are uncomfortable and annoying or they can be very painful depending on the severity of your infection. Whatever your symptoms are, you want them to go away.

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