Symptoms of Yeast Infections – That Can Affect Any of Us

A feeling of moderate to severe itchiness is one of the most common yeast infection symptoms. During sexual intercourse there is pain and it is more intense at this time. There could also be a burning feeling when urinating. In other yeast infection symptoms and vaginal thrush you could also produce a thick white or yellow discharge with intense irritation.

Possible Reasons

In the vaginal area, the symptoms are distinct to those noticed in other yeast conditions. A definite yeast infection symptom is itchiness in the vaginal area although it could be representing other causes. It could be related to the use of irritating chemicals which can normally be found in vaginal creams, douches, soaps and also other female hygiene products. The use of these products will actually upset the delicate balance of our bodies because of the high perfume content and can be the catalyst for the problem.

Another reason for having any of the symptoms can be psychological stress. This can become a reality as stress wears down the immune system and impairs its proper function. There is a strong connection between stress and yeast infection. Once this has happened the immune system (white Blood Cells) cannot attack the overburden of yeast growth and allows the symptoms to manifest unchecked.

A condition of the vagina is called Vaginitis. Once again Candida Albicans is the most common yeast infection within the vagina area. This can lead to uncomfortableness and pain during sexual intercourse. Taking medication may be one way to exasperate the condition whilst masking any healing that may seem to be occurring, although it may be taken in the belief that it may be a cure for the yeast infection. The medication may react negatively towards the immune system.

A vaginal discharge which sometimes is unnoticeable and can be a white or yellowish color and may also be odorless is another common symptom. The discharge may resemble curdled cheese in appearance and can become rather thickish or gooey. There is the possibility that you will develop a chronic yeast infection if any of these symptoms are left untreated. This is when it returns and it is able to re establish itself time and time again. Until this pattern is interrupted and protective measures are put in place you just never seem to be rid of it. This can also happen when sexual partners unknowingly reinfect each other continuously.

From Babies to the Elderly

Badly fitting dentures and a weaker immune system means the elderly are more prone to oral yeast infections mainly showing up as mouth ulcers which affects their ability to chew their food adequately. Signs of a diaper rash on babies and toddlers very often mean that their feeding bottles have not been sterilized properly or that they have been passed the infection through being breast fed from an infected mother.

The diaper rash can also be because their bottoms are wet or soiled for too long a period which then starts to attack the immune system. These are just a few things to be aware of and it is important to be on the look out for anything that is not normal in the very young and the elderly as yeast infection can be quite devastating with many complications to them.

It is also necessary to find out more about the male yeast infection symptoms as men too can also develop a yeast infection. Typically such symptoms for men are seen as being an irritation and soreness at the head of the penis. Pain and a burning sensation when urinating are typical signs for men to be aware of which may also be associated with a discharge and odor.

Our pets are also susceptible to yeast infections and the most common area to be affected is their skin which becomes red, blotchy and very itchy. It is best to treat them before they have broken the skin and caused pussy sores to form as this will only cause the infection to spread and cause more complications.

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