These Are Some of the Yeast Infection Symptoms

Yeast infection comes with several other names and it is also known as thrush, fungal infection or mycosis and also candidiases. The condition caused by a one celled fungus can occur in many parts of the body and in immunocompetent people, some of the common occurrences could be on skin or mucosal membranes, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, navel, intestines, urinary bladder and vagina. Immuno incompetent persons are people who do not have the severe manifestation of the infection. People who have life threating conditions because of this infection, are usually immuno incompetent. In such people, an esophagus infection can become systemic meaning very serious. You therefore need to know some of the yeast infection symptoms.

While looking for yeast infection symptoms, know that many parts of your body can be affected. For the women, vaginal infections have very severe symptoms which include the most common one which is itching, a burning sensation, soreness which can be very uncomfortable and a whitish discharge which looks like cottage cheese. You can self treat yourself but, you run the risk of treating the wrong disease. Bacterial infections of the vagina which is called bacterial vaginosis also has similar symptoms and therefore to be totally sure, let a doctor run some tests and know beyond a shadow of doubt that the infection is indeed due to yeast.

Other symptoms may be pain while urinating for both women and men. Also for a woman, when you find that you are experiencing a lot of pain during sexual intercourse, you should find out why. Some women go to an extent of having post coital bleeding. This means that they bleed after sex. For men, they will witness sores on the head of the penis or on the foreskin. The sores are usually very itchy. Other symptoms on skin are dry rashes which are very itchy and leave a very tender feeling. You will experience severe sore throat if you have a yeast infection that will present with so much pain. Teenagers or adults who engage in oral sex are usually predisposed to such fungal infections of the throat.

For the infections in the mouth, discomfort is the first thing that you will experience as you get to see whitish sores in your mouth. For the more serious symptoms, people with very low immunity like AIDS patients may have ulcers all the way to their stomachs from the mouth and swallowing even liquids becomes even more tough. For them, absorption of their food is very poor and they become dehydrated very easily. If the infection goes to the bloodstream and is transported to the brain, a person can loose their mental functions and have episodes of madness. It is therefore necessary to take the right steps to treat the infections properly as soon as you observe yeast infection symptoms. You can find resources that will inform you details on the condition so that you can be more empowered to make better decisions. You might have some of the yeast infection symptoms I have mentioned and find out that you are not infected at all. The ultimate judge is a qualified physician who is able to tell you exactly what is going on with your body.

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