Thick White Vaginal Discharge – How to Prevent Vaginal Discharge Early

Vaginal discharge is a common process which takes place in women. These discharge is a normal phenomenon that takes place when the glands located inside the female reproductive organ release fluids every day which are expelled through the vagina. This is a natural process which cleanses the vagina and protects it from several kinds of infections. Thick white vaginal discharge is a form of the discharge which is caused by yeast infection called candidiasis. This kind of discharge is accompanied with vaginal itching.

When fluids are discharged from the vagina of women, they should analyze the color, odor and texture of the discharge. The presence of odor marks the presence of some form of bacterial infection. The amount of thick white vaginal discharge depends on various hormonal activities which take place in a woman\’s body such as the changes that a woman is subjected to during menstrual cycle. Factors such as ailments, stress, depression, medication etc can also result in an increase for thick white vaginal discharge.

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There exists various methods for controlling and preventing thick white vaginal discharges. These are as under:·The females should only wear cotton panties and panty liners. Cotton absorbs the discharges easily without causing infections and it also doesn\’t pose any threat to the skin of the women. The panty liners absorb excess moisture and keep the vagina dry and free from foul odor. Some women get heavy discharges. These women should change their panty liners several times in a day.·Females should clean their vagina several times in a day using warm water and feminine wash. This practice will protect the females from all kinds of vaginal infections. The presence of artificial additives in the feminine wash may result in allergic reactions. To avoid such reactions, females should make use of an odorless feminine wash. Females usually clean their vagina using colored tissue papers which are colored using artificial dyes. These artificial dyes may cause irritation. Hence, the females should avoid their usage.·The females should not use vaginal deodorants and sprays as these may aggravate the condition of the vagina.·Whenever a woman observes an acrid and thick white vaginal discharge, they should consult a good physician.·When females suffer from heavy discharges, they should list down the number of days for which they had a thick heavy vaginal discharge as well the food that they had consumed on those days.

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