Treat Yeast Infection Discomfort – Do You Have These Signs?

Prior to treating yeast infections, there are numerous pains and discomforts that women try to hide and tolerate. However, as the infection spreads the symptoms increase and eventually become unbearable. If you currently posses any of theses symptoms or a combination there of please treat yeast infection immediately!

Burning Sensation: You currently have a burning sensation in the vagina and around the labia. This is a common symptom caused by the yeast bacteria (candidiasis) out numbering the normal human bacteria located in the vagina and creating the infection.

Itching Sensation: You currently have an itching sensation that becomes very intense. Scratching and rubbing the inflamed area will only intensify the infection. If you do itch the infected area, immediately wash your hands and fingernails as the bacteria could spread to your mouth and oral areas. This is a common method of the infection called thrush.

Swollen Labia: This common symptom is again caused by the yeast bacteria (candidiasis) and the interaction of the normal human bacteria located in the vagina.

Foul Odor: The aroma is similar to beer or bread. In fact this actually is the odor of the active yeast bacteria. It is highly recommended not to use any sprays if you are experiencing odors. By spraying on the infected area it actually heightens the activity of the yeast bacteria.

Vaginal Discharge: The vaginal discharge is usually a white and lumpy. The secretion usually contains no odor. In addition, the discharge can have the visual appearance of cottage cheese or like substance.

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