Treatments For Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infections are also called as Candida vaginal infections, and the disease is caused by the fungus named Candida Albicans. On an average, 75 percent of all women are prone to have at least one infection of Vaginal Candida and 45 percent tend to suffer from two or more Vaginal yeast infections. Women are most prone to such infections if their bodies are under stress due to lack of sleep, poor diet, or during the time of pregnancy and other similar conditions. Women suffering from the other diseases, which suppress the immunity of the body such as HIV infection and diabetes are usually at increased risk of catching such infections.

Your doctor diagnose these infections by looking at the possible symptoms. If suspected, the doctor will start the treatment for vaginal yeast infections as follows. Doctor will conduct a pelvic examination in order to look for the inflammation and a discharge of white colored fluid around the opening of vagina and inside the vagina. He/she may also take the discharge for further tests whether to check yeast organisms are present or not.

Proper treatment for vaginal yeast infection will help cure the infections up to 90% within 2 weeks. A very few number of people tend to suffer from repeated infections. Such infections can be treated with the medicines, which are antifungal that has to be inserted instantly into the vagina as creams, tablets, suppositories or ointments. One dose of oral Flucanozole can be used, even though this treatment of vaginal yeast infections I not recommended during the time of pregnancy.

Treatment of partners in sex is usually not necessary, since many yeast infections of vagina are not being transmitted during sex. Nevertheless if a male sex partner has the symptoms of Candida Balanitis, irritation and redness or itching at the penis\’s tip, he has to be treated with an anti-fungal ointment or cream.

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