Types of Yeast Infections

There are many types of yeast infections that can affect someone. Although the most common type of a yeast candida infection affects a women, the candida albicans fungus can inhabit many places when its growth becomes out of control. This article will review the many forms of yeast infections that can be found in the human body.

Vaginal Yeast InfectionsA candida infection of the vagina is the most commonly diagnosed type of candida. The excessive yeast builds up within the inside of the vaginal cavity, and spreads outside into the vaginal lips and female genitals from there. Symptoms of vaginal yeast include a bumpy raised rash along with vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese and has a foul fishy odor. In severe cases, the rash turns into sores and blisters – which could crack and cause bleeding to occur.

Penile Yeast InfectionsMen can get excessive yeast in their penis. Unfortunately, diagnosis of this type of yeast can be a bit tricky as the symptoms are similar to those of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as chlamydia and syphilis. Symptoms of a male yeast fungal infection include an itchy penis head and shaft with the head turning reddish in color. The penile head may also get blisters and emit a discharge that is white in color. Men with a candida infection might also experience burning and painful sensations when urinating or having sexual intercourse. As with a vaginal infection – in severe cases the penis could bleed as a result of the cracking of the sores and blisters that can be located on and around the penile shaft.

Oral Yeast InfectionsAnother name for an oral yeast outbreak is thrush. Thrush symptoms can include a greyish film that covers the inside of the mouth – including the gums, the roof of the mouth, the tongue – even as far back as the tonsils and throat. The tongue could also become swollen – causing difficulty in speaking, eating or swallowing. Blisters can also develop inside of the mouth – causing much pain and discomfort. Thrush is sometimes difficult to diagnose as some of the symptoms can be confused with a bad canker sore which is also quite uncomfortable and painful.

Skin Yeast InfectionsA skin candida infection is another of many type of yeast infections that that can usually be found underneath skin folds – many women get this underneath their breasts (which tend to sag as women age). Symptoms of a yeast candida fungal infection of the skin include a bumpy, itchy rash that left untreated can turn into sores and blisters that can crack and bleed. Another place that the yeast fungus can be found is under the armpits (which is also dark and potentially moist).

Diaper Yeast InfectionsA baby who is taking an antibiotic or is being breastfed by their mother who is taking an antibiotic are at risk for a yeast infection. In addition – if the baby has had a case of thrush, the yeast could travel internally throughout the body and end up in the diaper where the environment is warm and damp (a breeding ground for yeast). The yeast can further travel to the creases in the genitals, the thighs and throughout the genitals.

Other Types of Yeast InfectionsOther less known types of yeast fungal infections include yeast in the fingernails, esophagus and internally (systemic).

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