Vaginal Candida Answers – 3 Solutions To Treat Your Yeast Infection

In this article I\’m going to talk about Vaginal Candida answers. If you have this infection, its one of the most annoying things to experience. The soreness, burning, pain during intercourse, and especially the itchiness is not fun. The worst is when your in a meeting or in a public setting and your vagina is screaming at you to scratch it. If you have Candida, don\’t worry its a common infection – up to 75% of all women will experience this sometime in their lives. Here are a few tips to help treat the side effects of your vaginal Candida.

Prevent It From Occurring

One way to treat your vaginal candida is to prevent it from the start. To do this, you have to keep your vagina ventilated and dry. If you can, shave, don\’t wear panties (if you do wear cotton), wear more skirts, don\’t wear slacks and pantyhose. Denim is very thick and won\’t allow your vagina to breath. These are a bit strict rules but they will prevent candida from occurring. If these are too strict for you, here are a few solutions to treat your yeast infection.


Hydrogen peroxide is a great vaginal candida answer. This is because its responsible for killing the \”bad\” bacteria, such as Candida, that your vagina has. What you want to is take about 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide (you can find this in your local pharmacy) and mix this with about a cup of water. You want to use this mix as a douche daily until your symptoms go away.

Teatree oil is another great anti-yeast treatment that works wonders when used as a douche. What you want to do is take about 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and add it to do 1 teaspoon of ispropyl alcohol (this is rubbing alcohol). This will turn into a white substance. You want to add ten drops of this (you can use a dropper bottle to do this) to about 1 pint of water. Again, use this daily until your symptoms go away.

Important Points To Note:

Although douching with these mixes are great vaginal candida answers, I have to make on point very clear. These treatments, and most others that you\’ll come across (whether that be creams or prescribed pills), can\’t rid your Candida for the long run. This is because these treatments only address the external effects of a yeast infection, not the root cause. This is why many people seem to experience a yeast infection multiple times per year. To permanently get rid of your Candida, you have to fully kill the bacteria off from its root. There are programs that will educate you on what the root cause of your infection is coming from, and will offer natural ways to fight them off. Its the most realistic way to fully remove your yeast infection for the long run.

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