Fungal Sinusitis – What it is and How to Get Rid of It!

What is fungal sinusitis? Well, let\’s get right to it. Fungal sinusitis is sinusitis caused by any type of fungus. You know, the molds, the yeasts. Oh yeah, these things can cause sinusitis. One of the interesting things to note about fungi is that, in the natural order of things they are classified separate from […]

Itchy Vagina

Female Hair Thinning Or Shedding With Baby Fine Regrowth

The other day, I received an email from a woman who told me that she had been suffering from hairshedding and then thinning for about a year, (which was frustrating enough), but she was most bothered by the fact that her regrowth was coming in \”baby fine.\” She wanted to know what she could do […]

Essential Health For Women

MENSTRUAL CYCLEPeriod pains and cramps:Follow these simple guidelines for cosseting yourself and reducing stress both before and during your period. * Eat light, easily digestible food: Home-made chicken soup, fish, eggs, soaked almonds, fresh carrot and apple juice pomegranate, green vegetables, salad, potatoes, rice and pasta.* Take a warm shower or bath once or twice […]

When Can Antibiotics Speed Up Recovery For Sinusitis?

Some of you might just find it a good thing to know that sinusitis can be caused by different infections such as of the viruses, allergens, fungi and bacteria. But it\’s actually important to ascertain the cause of your sinus infection. This is because your recovery depends on how correctly you assess the cause of […]

Unexplained Acne – Candida Secret

Candida is the common term for Candidiasis, and basically means an overproduction of yeast in the body. It can cause many health problems,and one of them is acne. So although the dietary and nutrient based anti-inflammatory measures often cures acne but if you have Candida, it may not be able to get rid of 100% […]

How to Regrow Thinning Hair – Advice For Women

I often get emails from women asking me how to make drastic improvements in the appearance and volume of their thinning hair. There is a gross misconception that hair loss is something that only men have to deal with, but this is absolutely not the case. Hair loss in women is incredibly common and the […]

One-Minute Cure Review – Untapped Cure Or Pure Baloney?

Have you noticed that the medical treatments prescribed for most illnesses these days seem to be more about long term control of pain or relief of obvious symptoms? Sometimes nightmarish, controlling symptoms is okay as a first combat defense. One-minute cure reviews, on the other hand, like a bandit, a claim about a simple cure […]

Diabetic Foot Pain and the Many Related Health Problems

Diabetic foot pain is often a frequent complaint of those battling diabetes. Because of the high potential of impaired circulation associated with this \”sugar\” disease, complications of the feet are a frequent challenge. One major complication that can lead to diabetic foot pain is diabetic neuropathy, which causes the loss of feeling in your feet, […]

Candida Albicans Thrush – 3 Quick Tips to Get Rid of Thrush (Candida)

Candida Albicans thrush is also known as Candida, yeast infection and Candidiasis. Whatever you call it, it is a horrible infection that can completely disrupt your life. Around 80% of women will have Candida Albicans thrush at least once, while nearly half of those will have recurring thrush.The usual treatment of topical creams and pessaries […]

Boost Your Immune System With Acupoint Therapy

Acupuncture is no longer an alternative medical procedure reserved for patients being treated by practitioners of ancient Chinese techniques. The modern medical world is now embracing the benefits of various types of acupuncture to treat a wide variety of ailments. In fact, it\’s effective even for such diverse conditions as yeast infections, cancer, and immune […]