Colloidal Silver Therapy – A Re-entry into the World of Medicine

Silver, it is said, is one of nature\’s 92 chemically pure elements with proven benefits for man while being toxic to all species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and a number of viruses. Of late, this wonder-metal is slowly gaining ground as a therapeutic element in the form of colloidal silver. Believers of this novel […]

Itchy Vagina

Why We All Need Probiotics

The term probiotic is becoming more and more of a popular topic lately, especially with all the television commercials airing these days. What are probiotics and why do we need them? Probiotics are types of bacteria that are similar to the beneficial or good bacteria that our own bodies produce. You can get these good […]

How to Treat Cheilitis

Cheilitis is a common skin problem, its first symptoms are the swelling of lips or the corner of the lips (often this condition is also referred to as Angular Cheilitis). This is a condition that can affect equally younger as well as elderly people. It is often believed that the problem occurs more frequently during […]

How to Treat Female Genital Warts

Warts on the genital are common sexually transmitted infection caused by HPV or human papillomavirus affecting both men and women. In women, warts usually appear on vulva, linings of the vagina, cervix and around the rectum. They appear individually or in clusters, they can be small or big and flat or raised. This condition can […]

Diabetes in Pregnancy – Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem when human body is either not producing or using insulin. Insulin is a hormone that converts starch, sugar or other food items into energy. The problem starts when there is increase in the level of sugar in blood. Insulin controls the blood sugar level in the body. It affects the entire […]

What Causes Fishy Vaginal Smell?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so embarrassed because of the foul smell coming out from your genitalia? The odor is so bad you wish you could find a way to get rid of it. Now the question is, what causes fishy vaginal smell? There are several possibilities why women get […]

Are You Fatigued?

Simple fatigue. It\’s pervasive. That tired, run-down feeling can effects your entire life. Fatigue can prevent you from attaining your goals, interfere with your professional and personal life. What causes this fatigue? The answer will surprise you. Assuming that you don\’t need just plain rest, sugar sensitivity is most likely the culprit. The body can […]

We Found the Only Proven Fast Cure For Acne

There are 17 million acne sufferers in the United States alone who are all searching for the answer to two simple things. A fast cure for Acne and a lasting cure for Acne. I would like to help you find the answer to both these problems and have done a lot of research on what […]

Colopril Review – How Effective is This Product?

In recent years, many people have advocated the act of following a colon cleansing regiment to purify their internal systems. Proponents of detoxification have claimed that after the cleansing program, one feels lighter, healthier, and more alert mentally and physically. When celebrities started to proclaim the efficacy of colon cleansing or detoxification in aiding their […]

Colloidal Silver – What it Can and Cannot Do For You

This article is a continuation of our previous article on colloidal silver. To recap the last article lets briefly reveal what we had covered involving the background information. We began by discussing how the colloidal silver has for many years been a major source of inexpensive antibiotics which presented no known side effects when prepared […]