Symptoms of Diabetes 2

Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes 2 for short, is a medical ailment that is connected to the abnormal high levels of glucose or blood sugar. There are so many kinds of diabetes, but what exactly is the difference between the type I diabetes and type II diabetes? Also, what are their symptoms? Glucose is the sugar […]

Itchy Vagina

Why Use Colloidal Silver Products

Colloidal silver products are continuing to attract the attention of those seeking alternative treatments for illness, ailments but particularly as a preventative. While the uses of silver products are vast, a major use and unparalleled benefit is silvers ability to build a strong healthy immune system. A strong, healthy immune system is necessary to prevent […]

Chitosan: A Natural Alternative to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Chitosan was first discovered and used in the process of pollution control (like that Exxon oil spill.) There are oodles of scientific studies and papers on this product for all kinds of health challenges as well as pollution control challenges, but when I ask my clients if they have ever heard of Chitosan for their […]

Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – 3 Effective Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal irritation caused by a bacterial infection. This shouldn\’t be confused with Chlamydia and Yeast infections that are both caused by bacterial growth. The disease happens when there is an overgrowth of the normal bacteria in the vagina. Simple as it may seem, this brings out complications leading to the irritation […]

Early Menopause and Pregnancy Symptoms

Early menopause and pregnancy symptoms share some of the same symptoms making it very important for you to see your doctor if you suspect either and you are over 35. You want to rule out anything else more serious. Symptoms of Early Menopause If you are in early menopause, there is a variety of symptoms […]

How Some Common Meds Can Keep Your Pets Healthy

Your dog is your best friend. Your cat owns your heart. These family pets take care of needs you don\’t even realize you have, and you should return the favor by keeping some common pet medications on hand to keep them healthy. These days, there are many medications on the market to treat or prevent […]

Understanding Canine Skin Disorders

When it comes to caring for Canine Skin Disorders, due diligence is necessary for effective treatment. Therefore we will be addressing what \”disorders\” actually mean, as it is only through an understanding of Canine Skin Disorders, can it be treated efficiently. If you think of the word \”disease\”, what does it mean? Break it up […]

Guidelines For Sugar Consumption

According to the USDA, people getting 2,000 calories a day should consume no more than about 40 grams, or 10 teaspoons of added sugar. USDA surveys, however, show that the average American is consuming about 20 teaspoons of added sugar per day, or about 64 pounds a year. Many teenage boys are devouring almost twice […]

Is it Normal to Experience Spotting During Pregnancy?

If you notice light spotting during your pregnancy, get to your doctor as soon as you can, even if the bleeding stops. More than likely this is just a normal sign of pregnancy, however it could be something more serious. Different women may need different treatment, so the first thing your doctor should do is […]

Oxygen Colon Cleansers – What They Are and How You Can Use Them to Reap Their True Benefits

Out of many colon cleansing methods like colonic irrigation, alternative and conventional treatments, laxatives, enemas, Yoga and dietary changing, oxygen-based colon cleansers are the best way for colon cleansing. There are almost innumerable benefits using oxygen-based colon cleansers. First, they work with nature\’s own powerful detoxifier – oxygen. Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous […]