Vicious Vinegar

Vinegar, in basic, is an impure water down option of acetic acid acquired by fermentation and utilized as a dressing and preservative. Folks, beware of vinegar. It is not a food (dressing). It is a solvent, however more significantly, it is a toxin and toxic substance to the body. All smart and health mindful individuals utilize vinegar as a home cleaner and perhaps as a solvent. I personally utilize vinegar (white distilled) to eliminate the alkaline deposit from my stainless-steel kitchenware (pots and pans). I soak these things in vinegar over night and the next early morning my pots and pans look brand name spanking brand-new. Incredible! However I believe to myself, if vinegar gnaws alkalinity (alkaline deposits) like this, vinegar should be helluva acid. Likewise, if God/Creator (Jesus, Allah, the Annunaki, or whoever else one might think to be God or the Developer) developed us as human to have a natural pH balance of 7.3, which is a little more alkaline, then if we mistakenly or unwittingly take in vinegar or so-called “food-stuffs” prepared with vinegar, then we are acidifying ourselves and while doing so decreasing our alkalinity or alkaline balance, breaking God/Creator’s command and will of developing our physical makeup as being alkaline (7.3 pH).

I was surprised and surprised when I personally did a try out some vinegar, checking its pH with a pH tester that I have. Folks, the tester suggested that vinegar has a pH of 0.0!!!! This things is pure ACID! Acid gnaws alkalinity. Our bones, skeletal structure, and teeth are nearly 100% pure calcium, the top mineral in our bodies, which likewise occurs to be the top (high concentration) alkaline mineral of the 8 vital alkaline minerals, that include salt, magnesium, potassium, and chloride.

No surprise we check out in the Bible, “As vinegar to the teeth…” (Sayings 10: 26). Vinegar gnaws the teeth, much like sugar does. With American’s high intake of sugar and vinegar as active ingredients in the “food-stuffs” we consume, not surprising that we have actually screwed up (decomposed) teeth in this nation. Now you understand the so-called “food” market understands much better than this! If I, a black or Afrikan independent scientist, who hardly finished from high school, an item of 1980s drug and gang-infested South Central L.A., who never ever went to a university and who has no degrees whatsoever, KNOW THIS, then you understand the food researchers and engineers ought to understand this too. And think what? They do and simply do not provide a damn since they understand Americans will consume anything and not provide a damn what they take into their mouths – – as long as it looks and tastes excellent! These are the only 2 requirements that matter for a lot of Americans.

The devastating component of vinegar, specifically white distilled and white wine vinegar, is ACETIC ACID. Acetic acid is unhealthy and insalubrious to the body and system. It considerably and quickly ruins (gnaws) the red blood corpuscles, leading to anemia and eventually cancer (leukemia). Acetic acid likewise disrupts the gastrointestinal procedure, slowing down and avoiding the correct assimilation of food. Acetic acid likewise triggers ulcers as it actually burns a hole in the intestinal tracts, much like aspirin does, since the by-product of aspirin is ACETIC ACID! You ought to likewise understand that acetic acid triggers hardening of the liver (cirrhosis of the liver).

Vinegar (acetic acid) is extremely insalubrious to the blood, the physical essence of life. As the Bible states, “for the life of the flesh remains in the blood” (Leviticus 17: 11). This holds true! For that reason, any infected condition of the blood is bound to manifest as an imperfection on the skin. Vinegar, which consists of acetic acid, is extremely acidic and for that reason extremely mucus forming. Mucous in turn fills and harms the mucous membranes and lead to skin conditions that you unwittingly call herpes, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, dermatitis, etc.

Some ladies even douche with vinegar. A major no no! Vinegar is too acidic! Females and women, your vaginal area is currently naturally a little acidic; a healthy acidic level though. Utilizing vinegar as a douching option reduces your vaginal area’s pH level which produces a host of vaginal conditions, i.e., yeast infection, mucosal discharge, vaginitis, and so on. Although I personally do not suggest douching, however if you feel you must, you would be a good idea to utilize such things as herbs (red raspberry leaf, lemon verbena, white oak bark, squaw vine, black walnut hulls, olive leaf, mullein, fenugreek, marshmallow) or in the option to vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (ideally 33% food grade) or non-alcoholic witch hazel. Peroxide and witch hazel just requires 1-2 ounces per douche bag filled with water (ideally alkaline water). This will raise your vaginal area’s pH level.

Likewise, beware of consuming foods that note vinegar as an active ingredient. Products such as pickles, enjoy, mustard, salad dressing, pig’s feet (for the savages who still consume it), mayo, specific brand names of potato chips (dried powdered vinegar), dips, and a host of other canned and bottled items consist of and might consist of vinegar. So find out to end up being a mindful consumer and customer and begin checking out those labels, specifically you ladies, since your children will detect this sensible and safe practice and imitate your shopping expertise when they end up being of age. The health of a country remains in the hands of its ladies. As a country in basic, and black or Afrikan country (neighborhood) in specific, we are an ill individuals since ladies have actually left the lab called “cooking area” for the battleground called business America, leaving a grand and enormous opening for the wicked junk food market to feed us their scrap and in turn are “eliminating us gently with their scrap and toxin.” This is specifically real in black city neighborhoods throughout the country. In addition to a church and alcohol shop on every corner, you can now see the indication or logo design of a junk food dining establishment or drive-thru on every corner – McDoo Doo Burgers, Bugger King, H. Salt Fish and Shit, Kentucky Fried Shit-kin, Taco Hell, Der Weiner Snot-zel, Wind-ys, Jack-N-The Casket (box), and a host of other exploitive and wicked chains offering Americans quickly death at a low-cost rate. Folks, you pay to remain! So pay that additional dollar or more for that veggie hamburger or other vegetarian product. Vegetarian unhealthy food is a fantastic enhancement and development from the common and business unhealthy food Americans purchase and consume daily.

In closing, I suggest that you check out the books: Junk food Country, by Eric Sclosser (ISBN # 0-395-97789-4) and The Garden of Consuming, by Jeremy Iggers (ISBN # 0-465-07805-2).

If you should have or utilize vinegar, provide natural apple cider vinegar a shot. It’s the very best sort of vinegar offered. Wild rice and plum vinegars might be adequate too.


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