What Causes Yeast Infections – The Secrets That You Will Need to Know

We all have a chance to get yeast infection. This is because we live with yeast. It resides on our skin, digestive system or reproductive system. When the numbers of yeast increase, we get the infection. Normally, yeast likes to stay in the moist, dark and warm environment. The possible places in the body that yeast likes to grow include underarm, groin or other parts that are moist and dark. Some time, oral yeast infection can also happen if we do not take good care of our mouth and teeth.

Here are some of the possible causes of the infection of yeast.

-Sweating can cause the infection. If you do not like to wipe your sweat off or wash out your sweat, you can suffer the infection. This can happen to the parts of your body which bear the sweat consistently. For example, you can get yeast on your armpits, under women\’ breast, on the folds in abdominal parts and on your feet and hands. Therefore it is important to see if your sweat is cleaned off.

-Wearing tight pants or jeans can cause vaginal yeast infection in women. In the vagina, there is an environment that can promote yeast to grow. Therefore, it is advisable for women to not wearing tight jeans which is restrictive near the crotch area. Women can get itchy and burning sensation from the infection. In some case, they can have white vaginal discharge. The discharge is similar to cottage cheese and has yeast smell. Some time, the texture of the discharge can be transformed into watery.

-Children can also have the infection. This is especially true for the ones who constantly wear diapers. Some diapers do not allow enough air ventilation. When the babies urinate, the urine gives the moist. The yeast then grows easier. Children can feel itchy in the area. The itch some time comes with burning sensation.

-We can also develop oral yeast infection if you do not have enough dental hygiene. The yeast can grow in the tongue and cheek. It is not a very pleasant feeling. So, be careful about it.

-Another place that can have the infection is on your feet and hands. That can be caused by the poor quality socks or groves that do not have enough air circulation.

We can have the infection from yeast in many parts of the body. The infection on these parts may come from different causes. This article gives you some information on what causes yeast infection in those areas.

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