What to Do When You Have a Dry Vagina

Having a dry vagina will be irritating and even painful for some girls. Though it hardly ever signifies a significantly medical drawback, it will possibly nonetheless make day after day life uncomfortable. Even rare dryness can negatively have an effect on a lady’s confidence and intercourse life. Thankfully for girls all over the place, it is comparatively straightforward to revive moisture to the vagina.

Why do I’ve a dry vagina within the first place?

As soon as reason for vaginal dryness is a drop within the feminine intercourse hormone estrogen. This naturally occurs as girls age, particularly after menopause. Different causes embrace types of irritation, similar to the tough chemical compounds in some female hygiene merchandise, douching, stress, some sorts of treatment, and frequent intercourse (particularly if the vagina is already dry earlier than intercourse begins). In most of those instances, a dry vagina can have its humidity restored with a number of straightforward way of life modifications.

Why is dryness an issue?

The vagina is used to having a sure moisture degree to perform correctly. When it tries to hold out these capabilities with out sufficient lubrication, it ends in an uncomfortable and even painful feeling. For those who’ve ever tried to have intercourse or insert a tampon whereas affected by a dry vagina, you realize what I am speaking about. Issues that might often be quick, straightforward, and painless can take longer and really feel excruciating. Extreme dryness of the vagina can create different issues as effectively. Dry pores and skin on another a part of the physique usually itches, and the vagina is not any exception. An itching sensation brought on by vaginal dryness will be distracting throughout on a regular basis actions. You may additionally expertise burning of the vagina whenever you pee, which isn’t an excellent feeling.

So how do I rejuvenate a dry vagina?

It is often straightforward to revive moisture to the vagina. Even one thing so simple as ingesting extra water may also help drastically. The really useful quantity of water to drink each day is eight to 10 glasses, however some girls do not even drink half this quantity. Rising your water consumption is an effective way to make your vagina much less dry. Attempt conserving bottled water within the fridge: if it’ one thing you possibly can simply seize, you may be extra prone to comply with via. One other vital factor to do this could make a dry vagina disappear in days is to eradicate potential vaginal irritants. When you’ve got merchandise like tampons, pads, or bathroom paper than comprise fragrances or dyes, throw them out and substitute them with plain white, cotton merchandise. Additionally keep away from frequent douching and utilizing soaps or bubble baths with components like microbeads or chunks of botanicals.

What do I must do afterwards?

For those who comply with all of those steps and nonetheless expertise issues with a dry vagina, it could be a hormonal drawback. See your physician to seek out out if there’s any therapy, and within the meantime, preserve a water-based lubricant round to be used throughout intercourse and another actions the place you want somewhat further moisture down there.

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