What You Should Know About Staphylococcus

What we should know about staphylococcus organism and infections. Staphylococcus is a very stubborn disease which could lead to infertility and various form of disease or sickness.if not treated in time or properly. People with a chronic illness such as diabetes,cancer,or chronic liver or kidney disease are particularly susceptible to severe staphylococcus infection. Due to the nature of infection and its potency, if not well treated on time and properly, it can easily give room for HIV to pave in symptoms.

The common symptoms of staphylococcus include:

Uncontrollable itching on the organ ( the genitals)Moving sensation round the bodyInternal body heatRumbling in the stomachHeadacheTyphoid fever

Common symptoms in men include:

Weal erectionLow sperm countPremature ejaculationLoss of sexual feelings etc etc.

While in females it leads to:

Itching of the genitalsSoreness of the genitalsVaginal dischargeIrregular menstruationCandidaPelvic inflammative disease (PID)Fallopian tubal blockagePainful menstruationPainful intercourse etc

Staphylococcus infection is known by variety of names:

Folliculties this is a superficial infection of the hair follicles that produces small white headed pustules shaving the skin or friction from clothing rubbing against the skin can injure the follicles and cause the infection to erupt.

Sometimes a staphylococcus infection invade the deepest part of the hair follicle, resulting in a large painful, pus-filled inflammation known as boil. Although boils can from anywhere on the body, they are found most frequently on the face, neck, buttocks and armpits. If one appears on the eyelid, it is known as a sty.

When several separate boils occur simultaneously on the body, the condition is called Furunculous

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