Why is My Itchy Vagina Also Sore? – Reasons For a Sore Vagina and Painful Vaginal Itching Infections

Have you noticed your vaginal area becoming so itchy and sore? This is a very painful condition and an infective state of yeast infection. People who are suffering from yeast infection commonly have an itchy feeling and bad smelling discharges, but developing severe cases can result to a sore vagina. This creates a burning sensation especially during urination and sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, if you are worrying about how you have acquired this skin disease, the following reasons may help in clarifying your worries:

Decreased immune system. Determine if there are factors that made your immune system weak like undergoing too much stress, lack of sleep, sudden acquisition of illness and intake of immunosuppressant drugs. These factors make the body\’s resistance weak, leading to infection.Too much intake of antibiotics. These medications kill all the residing bacteria within the body, including the good bacteria. This will give way to overgrowth of insusceptible bacteria like Candida albicans, which causes yeast infection.Sharing of personal items. A commonly shared one is towel and you can acquire yeast infection from infected individuals easily through this.Lack of good hygiene. Cleanliness is a must in every person and neglect of this principle is the usual cause of acquiring illness and infections.

Remember that an itchy vagina when briskly scratched will lead to a sore vagina, so relieving the itchiness is the most important first step upon curing it. Moreover, always change your underwear in occasions of heavy discharges as this can possibly worsen the infection.

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